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Monday, March 1, 2010


George Offerman

Nancy Pelosi and company seem to be making it abundantly clear that hell care will go through no matter what the ‘people’ really want. Yes, this ultimately may result in changes in both houses come November, but by then, the damage is done. There have been very few laws that have been repealed once signed, and most likely, there will be too much resistance for the next group of politicians to put it on the line, to even put in a half hearted effort at changing it.

There is a small window of opportunity to do something about this, and it is time to put forth the effort to make it happen. Currently, the hell care bill is something fairly shrouded in secrecy, and was forced through both houses without much input, and a chance to read what was in it. Just this morning, a few commentators were making the point that once the bill is passed, the government will then ‘explain’ it to the people and in about 4-5 years, this law will take effect, and we will be stuck with the outcome.

There is a lot of speculation among the health care providers as to why it is being delayed 4-5 years before implementation. Some happen to think that it has the demise of private insurance companies, due to regulations, and cut backs in payments, as already seen in Medicare and Medicaid this year. Cutting reimbursements, coupled with the possibility of capping costs is a ‘double whammy’ that will put nearly all of the private practitioners out of business by then, and would place a horrible economic strain on the public hospital system, as well as larger private institutions. It is very possible that within a few years, these institutions will be begging the Fed’s to bail them out, as hospitals and other healthcare institutions, cannot fail.

If this is true, it will begin to gear the population towards rationing, as more and more private practitioners close their doors, and institutions begin to do the same. The level of care we have become so used to will be a thing of the past, and will open the door for the government to step in and look like the good guy. However, they will only make a broken system even worse, and will be dictating to the health care professionals how to do their jobs, and most likely will impose very stiff penalties for anyone practicing outside the ‘best practices’ recommendations or model that they impose on the health care workers.

Since it is already well known that the Democrats want to include federal funding for legalized child killing, it is not a stretch to say in this culture of death, that some sort of cap will be placed on the general population, that will dictate who is to get what, and what services will be withheld due to economic circumstances. What it comes down to is: money. Nancy Pelosi said as much this past weekend, that “Healthcare is an economic issue, not a political issue”. With the ever increasing debt burden, due to shrinking tax receipts (would we have this problem with an additional 52 million paying taxes?) it is inevitable that costs will have to be contained, and health care is an ever increasing expense on the bottom line for the government. Put two and two together, and one will come up with the very obvious solution to ‘their problem’.

Along with increasing budgetary deficits, and lowered payments to providers, the population is getting older and unhealthier, due mainly to poor lifestyle choices. This ‘trifecta’ of events will culminate in a major crisis, as many of the providers hit the exits and are not replaced by new providers, as the economic incentive for doing this work is now gone. The general population will continue to get fed propaganda, that they deserve the absolute newest and best care. But they will not be able to access it because it will be scarce. There will be tension, as a bottleneck will be created large numbers of consumers attempting to get resources provided by fewer practitioners. This will legitimize the government takeover, and the utopian promises of free and abundant healthcare will be as real as calling the full moon the sun.

Taking over health care is an issue of control. The government wants to control what one gets, and by default, how one lives. If the law states that a mother, for any reason, can kill her child, then it is absolutely no stretch to have a bureaucracy dictate who has rights and accessibility to certain types of care. After all, in the culture of death, it is already clear that those targeted for death are not considered, and others choose for them. In a world of sanity, no one chooses death for themselves, but only in an insane world, do others take this prerogative on themselves, and grant themselves deity status. If these folks want to impose their culture of death onto this nation, they should show some leadership, and make it retroactive on themselves

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