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Thursday, March 25, 2010


George Offerman

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

Galatians 6:7

There is a lot of irony in what the demovampire party is now saying. These undead really seem to believe that they can kill the host slowly by taking their lifeblood, and the host is going to graciously let them. (Evidently, the demovamps went to public schools and were taught the sanitized and revisionist story of our country, as well as breathing too much CO2 from all of the greenhouse gasses) The demovamps have been sowing the culture of death for 4 decades now, and it now looks like the dawn may be breaking, and their undead, dark room dealings, and their hiding in the night times may be coming to an end.

The lead vampires are trying to blame the recent expressions of anger on bloggers and talk radio. As is true with all vampires, they cannot see their own reflections in the mirror, so there is no ability for them to look at themselves, no ability for introspection, no awareness of their actions, and no accountability for their stupidity. The demovamps, by their nature, are constitutionally incapable of any truthful self evaluation, and see themselves as above the mere mortals they want to control. But the rest of us, who live in the daylight and can see clearly, understand that there is a force greater than the demonically lead demovamps, and that force is called God. Since the demovamps do not acknowledge God, and hence, would not understand the above quote from the Bible, here is a similar quote in the vernacular they may understand… “What goes around comes around”.

The demovamps, lead by the premier undead vampire, Obama, have forced the biggest takeover of a private sector in the history of this country. It was done in the dark smoke filled back rooms, where other vampires were promised satin lined coffins and high tech security systems to keep their dark cellar dwellings safe from the vampire slayers. The majority of the demovamps avoided any town hall meetings, and accused those living in the light as being, ‘uncivil’ and ‘uninformed’. Most of the demovamps blocked access to their web sites if one did not live in their district. Most of the attempted phone calls to the Capitol (castle) went unanswered, and the ability to communicate with the vampires was about as non existent as seeing one of these undead creatures out in the daylight. Lead vampire Pelosi even boasted “You need to pass the bill to know what’s in it”. The majority of the living do not want this, health care providers were not even in on the supposed discussions, deals were cut, every proposal made by the Republicans was rejected, and demovamp in training Stupak, sent most of the vampire slayers over the cliff instead of to the castle.

Now, Demovamp leader in waiting Steny Hoyer is crying foul by actually trying to sell his undead ideas to the living and actually have them believe it. Vampire Hoyer is claiming there is now no “civility or dialogue in this discussion” and “cooler heads need to prevail. Well, vampire Hoyer, there was NEVER dialogue, discussion or civility coming from the demovamps, and now that the vampire slayers are coming, and it is YOUR future in jeopardy, now YOU CRY FOUL. The demovamps have done nothing but complain, and demonize all who disagree with them, as the undead do. The irony of the demonic demovamps demonizing others is too rich to pass up, and it is interesting how they don’t see these traits in themselves, yet project their true nature onto others who would dare to question their ‘infallibility and all knowing’ attributes (sounds like they think they are gods).

Well, demovamps, there is the law of sowing and reaping, and the Living God requires that it play out in all matters. As a party, you have sown death, you have destroyed with impunity the most vulnerable beings for 37 years, you have pillaged the way of life in this country, demonized those who have tried to make the path straight once again. You have stolen and sucked the life blood out of the rest, and you believe by your lofty status as undead overlords, that you are exempt from the laws of the Living God. Think again. You are now crying foul because the living are now ticked off. You are not taking any personal responsibility for your actions, and you are in total denial that you are reaping what you have sown. Too bad. I personally do not believe in violence, but I cannot force my beliefs onto another. Who am I to insist that others cannot throw bricks at your windows, or leave threatening messages? I cannot force my religion or beliefs onto them. Isn’t that what you teach? Isn’t that the message of the demovampire party?

You vampires did not want to hear from us ‘religious nutcases and fanatics’ when you signed the death warrant for unborn children Now that the vampire slayers are loose, and it is you that feel threatened, you want us to surround the castle and protect you and your ever so cozy cellar dwelling. Sorry, it’s against my religion to help the undead. You undead have made and lined your own bed (coffins), now you must lay in them. The Living God requires the fulfillment of his laws, and as the rightful owner and creator of all things, will see to it that his way, which is the best way will be done as he commands. In the meantime, you demovamps can continue to cry foul, and continue to pray to your god for deliverance. Let’s see if he answers you.

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