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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


George Offerman

This lent has been a time of adventure and action, in the sense of all the activity surrounding the national debate on health care and other matters. It does not seem at all coincidental, that the first vote on health care took place on Christmas Eve, and now Obama wants the final vote to be done March 18th. There is something very perverse about the timing of all of this, and one has to wonder if there is not some demonic humor involved here, as the so called ‘enlightened and sophisticated’ of society become Lucifer’s ‘useful idiots’ and pass this monstrosity.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has projected that health care will add at least 4-5 trillion dollars onto an already projected 20 trillion dollar debt by 2020. No one knows how or when this debt will ever be paid off and no one even has a plan to do so. Within ten years, our debt will be well over 100% of GDP, and no country, read: NO COUNTRY in the history of the world has ever survived this proportion of debt, and unfortunately, ours will be no exception to this rule. (This is not including the unfunded liabilities of future Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments, estimated at 55 Trillion).

The rest of the world is watching in horror, as this wild man in the Oval Office continues to spend money like a crack dealer and utilize his thugs to force those that don’t ‘go along with the program’ to bend to his will. This wild man also wants to spread his erroneous ways to other nations around the world and try to get them to be ‘more like us’, such as the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pushing for legalized child killing in Brazil. Look no further than the push to mandate health care onto this nation. It takes over virtually one sixth of our economy and nationalizes it. It will force us to pay for legalized child killing through taxes, and essentially force the Christian population into tax evasion to keep God’s commandments.

Are we preparing for this as a nation? Or even as individuals? The test may be soon upon us, and what are we going to do about it? It seems in these times most of the people who call themselves Christians are still asleep at the wheel and not doing anything to prepare themselves or their families for the times that are ready to visit us. The majority still does not want to get involved and are reluctant to take time to even sign an online petition, yet actually go out and protest or make any other concerted effort to make a change in this debate. It will be no large surprise that when events get hotter than what they are, the majority of the clergy and those in the churches will be as lost as those who are more secular, and the Christian will be a very poor witness to the events at hand.

There are those out in society who are attempting to make a difference, and they are coming up against those who want to propagate the gospel of tolerance, comfort and prosperity. It is rather sad that those individuals do not see the snare laid before them, and will haplessly fall into it. Those who seem to have an idea of what is coming are the ones who are looking more foolish by the day, yet, many of these same people have made very accurate calls in the recent past, and are worth at least an ear from those who have a semblance of an interest in knowing what could be next.

One thing we know for sure is the current way of life and political system is numbered. Whether there is a revival, or the money powers finally get their way, major change is on its way, and nearly here. It’s amazing that God has allowed this mess to go on as long as He has, but unfortunately, His silence is being interpreted as implicit acceptance of our unholy and sinful choices. This state of affairs will not go on forever, and the Bible backs this up. This is the time of preparation and for those God loving people out there, it is time to get the job done.

We can ignore all the signs we want, but it doesn’t mean it will go away magically. Too many secular writers, along with many Christian writers are warning us about impending problems. Few are listening, and even fewer are acting on this information. The best minds state that the tidal wave of printed money will bear inflation no later than 18 months out, and the top money guru’s openly discuss US Treasury default by the end of this year. If this occurs, do you really believe the government is going to fund health care, retirement funds, and other financial obligations they promised over the last few generations? Think again.

It is our responsibility to make sure we and our families are in good shape, not some bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. It’s time to take ownership of our lives, and by extension, ownership of the society we live in, and fight for our beliefs and way of life. We need to refocus our efforts, and recommit our lives to the Lord, while there is time.

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