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Thursday, March 18, 2010


George Offerman

The USCCB has put out a statement that is asking Catholics to contact their representatives and oppose the “abortion option”. This statement is part of an updated bulletin that is to be inserted into parish bulletins this weekend. The problem is, Obama is attempting to get this demonic legislation through before the weekend. As usual, the USCCB is way behind on the issue, and this last move shows the impotence of their organization and their inability in having any significant sway in the national dialogue. They, again, are putting the burden on the laity to do their job, when it is the Bishops themselves that should be warning the wayward, so called “Catholic” politicians that their eternal salvation is at risk if they continue to push this garbage.

It is the Bishops who should be leading this charge; they should have been making press statements daily, confronting these politicians on a regular basis, upholding Cannon 915 as they are mandated to do, and preaching against the potentials for abuse in all the areas of health care, especially the impending rationing of care, and the INEVITABLE DEATH PANELS that will go along with rationing. Instead, they are narrowly focused on encouraging the laity to send the following message to House and Senate members:

“I am pleased that the House health care bill maintains the longstanding policy against federal funding of abortion. On the other hand, the provisions on abortion funding in the current un-amended Senate health care bill are seriously deficient and unacceptable. I urge you to work to uphold essential provisions against abortion funding, to include full conscience protection and to ensure that health care is accessible and affordable for all. I urge you to oppose any bill unless and until these criteria are met.”

“I am deeply disappointed that the current un-amended Senate health care bill fails to maintain the longstanding policy against federal funding of abortion and does not include adequate protection for conscience. I urge you to support essential provisions against abortion funding, similar to those in the House bill. Include full conscience protection and ensure that health care is accessible and affordable for all. I urge you to oppose any bill unless and until these criteria are met.”

WHEN: Votes in the House and Senate are expected at any time. Act today! Thank You!

Why in the world would the USCCB wait until the last minute to do much about this? Is it that they know how little influence they have in the national debates? And if this is true, who is responsible for this? Maybe it is they know who their real masters are? Perhaps their favored 501 C 3 status will be taken away if they say the wrong things? No matter which, it is disheartening that they come up with such a weak document, weak response, and purposefully put it out the weekend after the vote is scheduled to take place. This does not demonstrate any type of leadership that will inspire the laity, and definitely puts ‘no fear of God” into wayward Catholic politicians. It is status quo once again.

I know when My Lenten appeals comes and other collections for this organization occur, I will slip a note in my envelope informing them that the IRS took (stole) my contribution, and to appeal to them for money. I have paid more than my fair share of taxes, and by default, other people’s health care, but have no say so in the matter. I will not give any more of MY hard earned money to an organization that will not even put in a half baked effort to stand up for the faith they claim to represent One of the few freedoms I have left is to tithe to whom is the most worthy of the funding, and right now, the leadership of the U.S. Catholic Church gets an F – for their grade. Unlike the Church or the Government, I will not voluntarily subsidize failure. Efforts don’t count, especially when they are phony and fruitless.

The USCCB is living out what they really are: an inconsequential weak group that does not follow through with what they claim to believe as evidenced by the lack of conviction in their response. We as laity cannot look to them for any real guidance or leadership in this very real spiritual war we are in. It is sad to say, but if we did the opposite of what they are doing and saying, it may actually get their attention, and they may have an epiphany, and become the leaders the Apostles would be proud of. When all the bad things begin to occur, they will be late to the party, and will have had no idea or insight into these events, and will be caught off guard, like the secularists. There is little to no urgency in their tone or actions, and it seems like they do not grasp the gravity of the times we live in. That’s why there is little surprise in their lack of response. Those of little faith have few fruits.

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