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Friday, March 19, 2010


George Offerman

Now that the battle lines have been drawn, and we are seeing who is on which side, it is time for serious action. Hell care will change the nature of the whole game, and for those who are not in the health care profession, you truly have no idea what is about to take place. If the average American had a clue of a clue of what this is going to look like in a few short years, there would be a spontaneous march, in the millions, with pitchforks and torches (lead by Medicare, Mediscare, NoMedicareless and Medicaid, Medicoolaid recipients) and this ‘debate’ would end immediately. Actually, I will change the word ‘debate’ to ‘dictate’ because that is what these thugs are doing and there has never been a debate about the issue, nor have health care workers ever been included in this so called debate process.

This is the ugliest behavior I have ever witnessed in our government ‘representatives’ and our founding fathers would be openly revolting against these socialistic thugs. These idiots truly believe they can tell businesses and individual providers that they have to operate at a loss, and still stay in business. These elected fools won’t even consider a freeze on spending, let alone cutting the budget, and believe they can dictate to others to operate at a loss. They have an unending appetite for money and control over our lives and will not stop until they have all the money and all the control. The sad part is, the majority seem to care less, and the church, who is supposed to represent morals and ethics, are frankly so weak, that they themselves are on life support (don’t worry, your funding will soon dry up too, and you’ll have a visit with Dr. Kevorkian soon).

We have already seen that Walgreen’s will no longer take new NoMedicareless recipients due to losing margins on medications. Providers are taking major hits and will not stay in business. There is already a projected shortage of doctors, as the medical schools are not able to replace the number of physicians calling it quits. More and more are looking to other professions instead of health care, due to the ever increasing demands of patients, the reduced reimbursements, increases in malpractice insurance, and overall hassles of trying to run a business, and navigate the ever increasing and contradictory regulations that these know nothing lawyer elected officials can dream up for their bar association cronies.

The insurance company I work for has about a 2% margin of profit, and has been looking at putting this money back into construction of facilities. 2% is not a lot of profit, but evidently for this blood sucking vampire government; it is money they want to get their fangs into. Up until 2 years ago, this particular insurance company was in the red, and there were possibilities of it closing down. Now, the undead vampires want to cut NoMedicareless payments by at least 21%. Do the math. (Oh, I forgot, the majority of the vampires went to public schools, they don’t know how). They also want to freeze premiums (something they won’t do to their own budgets). Now, add this all up, and what do we have? A business that is hemorrhaging money that will not and cannot stay in business. Too bad we can’t print money like the vampires do, but the vampires don’t like competition. (They and the money powers have the exclusive counterfeiting franchise Federal Reserve).

Now, unless the vampires threaten all of us with jail if we do not practice at a loss, this will NECESSITATE the exodus of health care worker to the exits, and thus, create and sustain a shortage of qualified workers, thus creating rationing, thus creating what will end up being panels that will ultimately decide who gets treated and who does not, thus creating the DEATH PANELS that these undead lying vampires claim will not happen. THEY ARE LIARS!!! I wish I could say they are clueless, but I believe a lot of them know exactly what they are doing.

A warning for those of you who ‘don’t want to be bothered’ when it comes to standing up to these vampires. One day, when you aren’t feeling so good, you will need to get an appointment. After several week’s wait, you will be told you have a condition that could be treated, but due to waiting too long to get in (they made you wait for the appointment, by the way) they will give you the puppy eyed look, and tell you that due to the ‘prohibitive costs’ you don’t qualify, but if life is too difficult, we do have a clinic that can handle your situation, a ‘one stop shop’. Of course, we are not mandating you visit there, but we are telling you that you are not getting this treatment, and we have laws that will prosecute you and the provider who may treat you for ‘cash payment’. Where are your rights over your own body now? WITH THE VAMPIRES, THAT’S WHERE!

Obama, the most prominent of the undead vampires, attempts to ‘demonize’ health insurance companies. This blood sucking vampire has never run a business, never hired a soul for a position he has never created, has never had a real job, is clueless about capitalism, hates and is jealous of successful individuals, yet ‘knows all’ and is now in charge of one of the most important components of the average person’s life. The only thing Obama knows about health care is the fact that he will have a different plan than the rest of us, and unlike us, will have access to whatever he and his family needs. I hope that all who voted for this vampire are happy with the “Change we can believe in” that will soon morph into “Change, we need to be rid of him”. Like the undead, if (when) this passes, it will never go away, and will suck the life out of those whom it can stick with its ever pervasive fangs. Good riddance to Good health care.

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