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Monday, March 8, 2010


George Offerman

This lent has seen its share of struggles in the battle to end legalized child killing, and has enabled those who may be in doubt about the nature of this war the opportunity to see who is on each side. Lent is generally supposed to be a time of reflection, prayer and fasting that results in a deeper awareness of one’s relationship with God, and how to go about expressing one’s faith in that light.

It seems this lent has a different flavor than many in the recent past, and there has been a bombardment of issues that seem surreal, in that they are even occurring. This very well may indicate the stepped up nature of the spiritual warfare that is occurring all around, and needs to be countered at all costs and all means available to the believer. It is time to get the focus back on the causes of our problems.

There are the numerous scandals in the Vatican, which are also a distraction. There is the matter of Archbishop Fisichella and his board now clamoring for his resignation. There is the most recent sex scandal in which a chorister within the Papal household was caught in a homosexual sex ring. Then there is the ongoing scandal concerning whether the church is going to back its own policy in which politicians who back abortion, are banned from receiving Holy Communion, and the subsequent silence in enforcing this.

Then, there are the scandals in our own country. The Bishops themselves are in conflict over the communication issue, and are not enforcing Cannon 915 with any regularity. The Bishops are also not clear on the health care issue, and have been ‘all over the map’ concerning whether to support or reject the government’s efforts to take over such a large part of the private economy. There is little being taught concerning the true church teachings during this time of Lent, and it seems there are more concerns over peripheral issues than core matters of faith and morals.

In the mean time, we are no closer to ending legalized child killing, and matters continue on as if it is of no consequence. Too many distractions, and too much emphasis placed on non sequitor problems, and we now find ourselves in the place of immobilization. Are we really becoming that numbed as Christians and American Citizens? Very little action is taking place, in what should be a time of fasting, praying and preparation. It seems very antithetical for this season, and rather sad at that.

Randal Terry and a group representing the Vanguard of St. Catherine will be making the second trip to Rome, to present material to the Vatican Officials concerning some of the shortcomings of the American Church. We will continue to fast and pray for this group that they be well received and to faithfully advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. We also hope that the message resonates, and some positive actions result from these efforts.

It is not a goal to divide; however, there is a time in which challenges must be brought forth that is clear, and controversial. This is one of those times, when confusion reigns, that those willing to speak courageously for the babies be heard loud and clear. It would be very easy to brush off efforts to address legalized child killing with all of the distractions, but we have to keep in mind which is the most important issue of all the issues, and not allow our message to take back seat to all of the problems out there now.

If nothing else, at least consider assisting their efforts through praying fasting, and if possible, financially, as this trip is being funded out of pocket by these warriors. They will be taking this message to those who have the ability to change the outcome of this battle, and we can show them our support by making a few sacrifices ourselves.

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