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Thursday, March 4, 2010


George Offerman

There is a very disturbing article on the spirit daily website that addresses the possibility of Satanists in the Vatican, and the claim by an exorcist that it goes as high as some of the Cardinals. If true, this scandal would be of such a magnitude, as to make virtually all of the other scandals child’s play in comparison. It sure would also go a long way in explaining why the Church is so silent on many of the critical issues in which it should be taking the lead, such as legalized child killing.


As well, one should be skeptical to some extent in which such a broad charge is levied against a large group of individuals. But like all things, we are challenged to test them out and discern the evidence presented and always pray for our leadership.

However, what seems to be true, and I have witnessed it first hand is the numbers of clergy who do not believe in the devil, and by extension, demons. There are truly significant repercussions of this belief, and they directly impact the ministry of the clergy who hold these beliefs. Scripture is filled with examples of Jesus casting out demons, and openly refers to Satan, the Devil, Father of lies, etc. so it is difficult to understand either of these positions that deny the devil, or worshiping him.

If we consider the first, that clergy, and possibility that some Cardinals are Satanists, it would require that these individuals totally disregard the scriptures and traditions of nearly 2000 years and embrace the so called mystery religions, with its forbidden knowledge. (Mystery religions and the forbidden knowledge would be several postings by themselves, so I’m just mentioning them here). These individuals would have to have been seduced into this, and Christianity and mystery religions are mutually exclusive. But in a nutshell, these individuals would be worshiping the created versus the creator, and siding with an inferior being, who is a liar and a betrayer.

The implications of this would be lawlessness, as their master would be instructing them to violate the Laws of God on a regular basis. Legalized child killing would be the crown jewel for Satan, and being silent, or actually advocating policies in which to continue this practice would be the order of the day. Propagating their errors would be the most important item on the agenda, as it would ‘normalize’ this activity and condition the population for further draconian changes that their devious master has in mind.

The second group, which does not believe in the devil or demons, in effect, would be really declaring that they do not believe in God as well. Jesus was clear that God is truth, and if Jesus spoke and cast out demons and the Devil, and the clergy deny this, they in effect are calling Jesus a liar, and this would disqualify Jesus as being God. It also calls into question the efficacy of Scripture, and once one can find ‘errors’ in matters of faith and morals, then it would call into question whether Scripture is actually a book to be believed. At that point, one would be able to pick and choose what they believe, if anything and soon chaos will reign. Does this sound like the days we live in?

The implications for this belief, as above, would be lawlessness, but for different reasons. If one believes there is no devil and demons, then by extension, there is no hell, and thus, no condemnation. If this is true, then there is no need for a redeemer, and the whole story of Jesus has no meaning or value, as all of us are going to attain whatever is in the afterlife, and there is no real need to worry about how we live down here. Morals and ethics would then be in the eye of the beholder, and no ones morals would be superior to another’s, and relativism would then reigns. The only judgment would be against those insisting on absolutes, and the authority of the Living God. Behaviors like legalized child killing would be seen as neutral, since there are no penalties for behaviors, and the ethic of tolerance would trump the life of these children.

In both accounts, the devil is absolutely thrilled. The devil wants to be worshiped, and he demands of his people their allegiance, and obedience to his will. His crown jewel is the destruction of God’s most precious creation, that of babies. It is the blood sacrifice in which Satan glorifies himself, and by tricking the two groups, he effectively gets what he wants. When the clergy has a crisis of faith, it necessitates the spreading of this error, and the circle of unbelief gets ever so wider, until it is nearly impossible to resist. It seems we are at this place now, and it will take nothing other than an incredibly strong faith in God, coupled with enough brave souls to put leather into action, and turn this around.

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