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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


George Offerman

Following up from yesterday’s post is the significance of built in sexual deviancy in the Clergy. I have told many people, that if I were Satan, I could think of no better way than to compromise the clergy through sexual sin and the blatantly deviant acting out by some of the clergy as the perfect cover for legalized child killing. A few of these ‘bad apples’ in influential positions, will in effect, emasculate the whole church, and take away the moral grounds in which the Church attempts to teach and preach the Gospel. Corrupt some leaders and clergy, and get 52 + million deaths in exchange, what a great deal for Satan.

When one is in the grips of sexual sin, they tend to compromise on almost anything, and like the example of King David with Bathsheba, murder is not out of the question if needing to cover up sexual sin. It is not a stretch whatsoever to think that legalized child killing is a direct fruit from these scandals, as those either exposed to or participating in sexually deviant behaviors will not speak up against behaviors they themselves participate in or condone by silence. If one can justify the sexual deviancy and ‘normalize’ it outside of a heterosexual marriage, then it is no stretch whatsoever, to justify legalized child killing, a natural offshoot and consequence from violating God’s laws. It is nearly impossible to justify and soft-pedal casual sex and deviancy, then try to take a hard line on legalized child killing, when pregnancy is a normal outcome of the casual sexual lifestyle.

The clergy involved in this lifestyle cannot, and will not preach and teach with any conviction, against this lifestyle, and thus pass on implicitly, the unstated permission to do what you want, and a “loving God will understand and forgive”. While this is true for the repentant sinner, it is utterly false for those rushing headlong into sin, and wanting to cover the consequences of their sins. One cannot teach what one does not know or understand, and for those who are sexually acting out, chastity and sex only in marriage are foreign concepts, and it would only be from a theoretical framework at best, that one could speak with any authority. But one will not teach with any authority, if they do not believe it themselves, and their efforts to do so will come off as disingenuous.

This seems to be a large part of the reason that many of the clergy stay silent on the issues of legalized child killing, or only pay moderate lip service to wanting to end it. For if legalized child killing ended, it would require most to lead a much more disciplined life, and it would also appear that ‘most of the fun was taken away’. Very foreign concepts when contemplating our American Church. There cannot be a stand made by those that are impoverished in their own spirits, for one cannot give what he does not have. The thoughts that legalized child killing as an abominable act may be there, but the lack of tangible action by the leadership in the church proves to the most casual observer, that it does not exist at the level of conviction for these leaders, and hence, little is actually done to change the status quo.

That is why there was and still is such an outcry against Pope Paul VI pertaining to his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae teaching against birth control among the faithful. It now appears that Pope Paul VI may have been very prophetic in his musings concerning what the unintended outcomes would be, and may have foreseen this. He openly mentioned the likelihood of increases in sexual deviancy, abortion, venereal disease, the lack of respect for woman, and the idea that one has total dominion over their own body, the lynchpin for Roe. This is one of the least followed encyclicals, while also being the most criticized. It is also one of the most prophetic, and the end results of ignoring this encyclical are everywhere. The issue of deviancy, or deviating from the plan of God, is what has introduced this culture of death.

When deviancy is introduced into a system that system is going to break down. We are first hand witnesses to that, and the first to go has been our incredible faith and trust in the clergy and Church. When we can no longer trust the clergy and the Church, we are in effect, on our own, and will begin to formulate our own morality and faith, or latch onto whatever the next ‘flavor of the month’ is. We have been warned that “the wages of sin is death” and have seen this verse bear fruit in our lifetimes. As long as the Church continues to be in denial and continues to allow scandal after scandal to take place, it will be no coincidence that the culture of death will proceed on with little in its way, and the sheep will continue on the path of confusion and sin.

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