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Monday, March 22, 2010


George Offerman

Now that hell care has passed and Nancy Pelosi may go down as “The most powerful Speaker of all time” (Remember, Satan has the ability to give his power and authority to anyone he chooses) we are moving into a new phase in this country. But before I get into that, I want to thank all of those who made the efforts in the past few days to call, and/or go to the Capitol, and George Mason University to protest the Obama appearance last Friday. Special thanks go to: Ruby Nicdao and Jonathan Darnel, for leading and coordinating the George Mason coalition. Special thanks to Deborah Hollingsworth for bravely confronting the Congressmen entering and leaving session at the Capitol all weekend. Thanks also goes out to Chuck Weihbrecht, Peter Schinn, Dr. Robert Kling, Kathy Offerman, Missy Smith, Jack Ames, Lisa Turner and the Vanguard of St. Catherine for their tireless efforts to make others aware of this Obamination and attempts to change the direction of this country. Most of all, I want to thank the brave priests and the few Bishops for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out against this Satanic power grab, and risk chastisement by their very misguided and wayward church.

For those of you who may believe this is no big deal, keep your head in the sand, because you have no clue what is coming, and at this point, denial is the best defense for you. For the rest, it is time to prepare. Since Obama took over a little more than a year ago, he has nationalized the Banking industry, Auto industry and now health care. This is close to 50% of our economy, and it spells doom FOR ALL OF US. I put out a challenge several months ago, asking anyone to come up with ONE EXAMPLE of what the government does well, and did not have one response. The only thing the government does well that I can come up with is to kill everything they get their blood sucking fangs into. What stuns me even more are the zombie like responses of the majority, who continually look to the vampires to do more for them, and continue to re elect the undead no matter what they do. Harvest time is here: we are going to get EXACTLY what we deserve, and you know what? I am fine with this. I am fine with this because I am an avid believer in free will, and I am going to use my free will to do something positive for myself and my family. Other than warnings, those others who are in denial are on their own, and will reap the fruits they have sown.

I, like many, have played by the rules. I love this country, the constitution, and our rich history. The only thing dearer to me than my 100% American blood is my Christianity. I have worked for everything I have, paid for all of my schooling, and worked 70-80 hour weeks for nearly 15 years to have what I have. I have a very good reputation in my profession and have worked very hard to earn this. I pay my taxes and debts, I am involved civically, give generously to charity and do what I can to help those in need if I have the time and money, after taking care of my responsibilities to my family. Like many parents, I am the last one on the list to get anything new, as I believe there are larger obligations than my self that need to be taken into consideration. However, I would rather rot in prison or die before these vampires get any more money out of me, especially to pay for killing children.

These blood sucking vampires are liars, thieves, deceivers and imposters, and these are their positive qualities. They don’t play by the rules we play by, and they exempt themselves from even the most convoluted rules they seem to make up on a whim. In a perverted twist, soon those who have played by the rules, will be asked to break the law, and that will be to pay for the now illegals (soon to become legal) who will have access to the rationed care. So we will be forced to subsidize law breakers, and will be lawbreakers ourselves if we don’t go along with breaking the law. Along with the illegals, the something for nothing crowd, who have been telling those who have been supporting them all along to “mind their own business” when it comes to confronting them on their poor choices, will now insist on taking a larger slice of our pie to continue living in the irresponsible fashion that many of them do. So the producers of this country are being forced to subsidize poor choices, but against their will and with no say so in the matter. So much for what the founding fathers wanted for America.

Freedom is a thing of the past. We are not free to do anything of consequence anymore, and law breaking is rewarded handsomely for those in power and those willing to go along with the hellish forces that have taken over the government and Church. The rules have changed. And it’s time to learn what the new rules are, and for those with the intestinal fortitude to follow their conscience, to prepare for the worst. Very bad times are here and it is now only a matter of time when this all plays out. Sadly, there is no more “If’ in these statements. Too many lies have been told to the zombified populace, who seem to be more interested in the ‘goodie bag’ and what they can get for as little effort as possible. We have turned the corner as a nation, and now will have to deal with the consequences of this built up sin, which the stench must be awful to the nostrils of the Living God. Paying for the murder of children is a certainty now, and we have sealed our fate.

The Church’s response (as an organization) has been abysmal and nearly non existent. It seems they have now completed their transition into the government’s harlot, and seeks to serve their needs at their pleasure, instead of the Living God. They are so convoluted and confused, that they do not represent anything remotely approaching the Church of Jesus Christ. How they can betray the faithful, and the children, is beyond comprehension, but they continue on their merry way on the road to hell, and do what they can to bring others with them, and have the producers pay for it. The modern Church has exposed its hand for all to see, and it is clearly money that is coveted, and faith is not even in the picture. God will grant this wish: if money is what the church wants, then money they will get, but it will not solve ONE PROBLEM, because God is the solution to our problems.

So we have the two most influential groups in our lives, the government, who just spit on the constitution and our way of life, and the Church, who just spit on the Bible, and our heritage and faith. I have come to expect the government to behave in this fashion, because at least they can claim to be motivated by supposed utilitarian reasons and do not follow the precepts of any one particular faith. The Church is a totally different matter. There is absolutely no excuse for this sell out and harlotry the official Church is showing. There are those individuals who are showing the true courage of the Faith, but unfortunately, there is not enough of them, and they will be isolated very soon. (For those who may not be aware, Rep. Stupak has been lying the whole time about his supposed pro life stance, see link below).


This is why I say bring it on. Since we are insisting that God judge us instead of showing us mercy, let’s get on with it. The longer judgment is delayed, the harsher and longer the judgment will be. The official Church no longer carries the mantle of Faith, and has been found unworthy of being the light necessary to guide us through these times. Yes, the church of Jesus Christ will never be destroyed by mere men, but who says the American church represents Jesus Christ anymore? We are the ones who wandered away from Jesus Christ, not the other way around, and God will not allow for blasphemy and will not bless sin. Since both the government and Church are colluding to destroy what fabric remains of this great country, let the judgment proceed.

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