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Monday, May 24, 2010


George Offerman

We are witness to major upheaval politically as well as financially and most importantly, spiritually. It is beyond question that the landscape is changing rapidly, and if one wants to make an impact, it will require the ability and desire to change with it. Here we are, at a crossroads in this nation, and the need to respond has never been greater. It also seems that many in this country are worn out or showing low energy in dealing with the changes at the exact time that high energy and purpose driven activity is required the most. The question that will need to be answered soon (and we will know that very soon) is: Are we going to stand up and fight the dark forces that challenge us, or is this all talk?

There is good reason to have some guarded optimism concerning the people in the tea party movement. The tea party has mobilized a large number of people, at least politically, who have been out there, but voiceless until recently. Most of these people hold very basic, but common sense principles of government and how the government affects the day to day life of the citizen of this country. These people are also aware that the government is now out of control, and if not stopped, will usher in some of the most socialistic programs ever envisioned for what should be a free and market driven nation.

One of the main problems with this is the fact that many are new to this level of activity, and thus are vulnerable to the manipulation and influences of the established party system, especially the GOP. The GOP has already attempted to influence much of the message of the tea party, and has already alluded to the fact that the Kentucky senate winner for the GOP primary, Rand Paul, is ‘dangerous’ and a potential liability for the establishment GOP. So far, there seems to be some resistance to the GOP statements and allegations that Dr. Paul will be a liability, but what has the GOP done for this country lately?

At some point, the tea party people, and really all Americans, are going to have to ask themselves this question: When will that line in the sand be crossed, and what am I going to do about it? For me, it seems abundantly clear that the line is ready to be crossed, and there needs to be serious calculations as to the cost of resisting the breach of this line, and how to encourage and engage others in defending this line. The time for talk is nearly, if not over already, and there now needs to be much thought and prayer given to the consequences of the line being crossed. If not now, when, and if not, shall we just put on shackles and get it over with?

There is way too much talk going on, and too many are talking in the future tense when discussing what they will eventually do ‘if this point gets crossed…, then I’ll do this. There needs to be an action plan now, and it needs to be tight, and well coordinated, or this new found energy and political clout will be absconded and wasted. There does not seem to be a lot of time left, and it truly does seem that the absolute future of what is left of this country hangs in the balance of the upcoming November elections. If we as a nation cannot get this budget under control, and manage to elect some people who understand the peril we are in, then there really may be no hope for our future.

Adversity does bring out the best (and worst) in people, and the question will be will there be enough people of integrity to counterbalance the potential rioting and bad behavior when a crisis hits? (Think of the Superdome in New Orleans after Katrina). Will we as a people rise to the occasion, or simply make excuses for our inactions and accept the impending slavery our masters have in store for us? It really is gut check time, and all of the warnings and prognostications about our situation are finally at our doorstep. Either way, we have a date with destiny and it will be our convictions, then actions (or inaction) that will determine which side of history we end up on.

We are going to have to get used to the idea that civil disobedience will soon likely be a way of life. It will carry consequences, and we have to be willing to pay that price. The more that are willing to pay the price, the lesser the consequences will be overall, and the less pain we will go through in rebirthing our society and nation. But we need to be very aware that painful times are here, and being lethargic and non committal is not an option that will result in any outcomes that are positive. It will be a battle, but the fight will be worth the price if good men and women stand up and fight for the principles this country, and Christianity are founded upon.

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