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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


George Offerman

Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli was guest on a radio program this morning, and was commenting on the law suit he filed on behalf of Virginians 8 hours after the hell care bill passed. Attorney General Cuccinelli was discussing how the government is violating the commerce clause of the constitution, and mentioned that the government’s attempt to force Americans to buy a product from other Americans is not only unconstitutional, but unprecedented in this nation’s history. The Attorney General reiterated that if the Feds prevail in this matter, then it will effectively end Federalism as we understand it today.

Attorney General Cuccinelli, who is very actively pro life has verbalized other issues with the hell care law, but is taking a tactic in attempting to defeat the imposition of this law that nearly all can relate to. As he stated on the radio show, ‘it makes no difference whether we are talking about health care or Chevy’s. Once the government can tell you what you have to buy, it truly ends competition and violates a core value that makes America what it is”. Again, this is a point that most Americans can relate to, and it needs to be emphasized to this government that they cannot act like the neighborhood bully, and impose their will onto every aspect of our lives.

Attorney General Cuccinelli has a reputation for standing up to his opposition with courage and conviction, and definitely is worthy of support and praise for his efforts. He is one of the few republicans who actually come close to carrying the mantle of “Reagan Republican” and has a vision for not only Virginia, but for this country. He and Governor Bob MacDonald, another strong pro lifer, have shaken up politics in this state, and have done well in making positive change, albeit with some controversy. (Virginia is looking at a $140 million SURPLUS for this year).

But getting back to the hell care law, Attorney General Cuccinelli is very strong on his conviction that this is a winnable case in the courts, and believes it may go as high as the Supreme Court before this is over. Department of Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius waited until the final hours before yesterday’s midnight deadline to file a motion to dismiss Attorney General Cuccinelli’s law suit stating that “A state cannot… manufacture its own standing to challenge a federal law”. She goes on to charge that the government does, in fact have the right to legislate federal law, that “protects’ citizens and that the state has no right or standing to interfere in this.

Sebelius then goes on to making the argument that Virginia’s recently passed law forbidding Federal mandates to forcing citizens from purchasing health insurance was put into place as a reaction, thus nullifying Attorney General Cuccinelli’s contention that Virginia is simply upholding state laws. Sebelius also contends that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not violate the commerce clause in that “Congress also has independent and ‘extensive’ authority to do so as an exercise of its power under Article 1 Section 8 to lay taxes and make expenditures to promote the general welfare”. Sebelius, and by extension, the Obama administration is attempting to ‘stick it’ to states rights, and in essence, shutting down all debate and jurisprudence concerning hell care and its implementation.

Attorney General Cuccinelli has taken his share of licks from the socialistic liberal media and Obama administration, and to his credit, has not backed down an inch. This is the kind of politician we need in every office and Attorney General Cuccinelli is nothing less than inspirational for those of us hungry to see statesmen instead of weenies in public office. Mr. Cuccinelli campaigned on the promises to uphold the constitution and responsible government, and he has kept his promises. Mr. Cuccinelli single-handedly changed the debate on the state of hell care, by being the first to threaten, and carry through with a law suit, and 20 other state attorney generals followed suit.

As Attorney General Cuccinelli has proven, it only takes one man with true convictions to stand up, and change the nature of the debate. We as an electorate need to continue supporting men like Attorney General Cuccinelli in their attempts to bring back sanity and common sense to this government. With what is at stake this November, it is not time to stay silent when the liberals and socialists around you start trashing men like this. It is time to be on the offensive and take back our country, based upon the principles of our founding fathers and the constitution. Anything less is truly ‘un’ American. Go, Ken!

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