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Friday, May 28, 2010


George Offerman

An article that appeared in the May 20, 2010 issue of the Wanderer, titled “The Divine Right of Democrats” by Christopher Manion goes into significant detail as to the nature of the USCCB’s apparent ‘lack of potency’ in matters of faith and morals in America. It seems that there are alternative explanations as to why this particular board appears so incompetent concerning the faith and Morals of the Church, and why they are absent in the larger discussions of issues such as legalized child killing, and the subsequent ignoring of the Holy Communion issues with Cannon 915.

Mr. Manion makes the case that the USCCB shows more unity in their condemnation of those who supported the Arizona Immigration policy than in opposing the laws and positions of the political elite that are contrary to the Catholic Church. But the charge that Mr. Manion levies against the USCCB is the fact that the USCCB is really focused on what Mr. Manion terms this groups ‘first priority’. First priority refers to that which the group wants more than anything else, regardless of what they claim to stand for. So if one wants to know the real ‘political score’ then look no further than what a group is receiving from the politicians, and thus, one will know what they really stand for.

Mr. Manion makes the case that the Catholic Church receives around $2 billion annually between monies given to Catholic Charities, Catholic universities and hospitals, and “tens of millions a year more for the USCCB itself”. In exchange, the USCCB has downplayed their position on legalized child killing, and have promoted a more left leaning socialistic agenda reminiscent of the Democratic position on many ‘social justice’ matters and has been very verbal in their dismissal of those opposed to these positions. They have also protected those ‘Catholic’ politicians by defending their right to continue receiving Holy Communion under the rubric of ‘self examination’, and have allowed their teaching authority to be usurped by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who has demanded support from the pulpit in the matter of ‘immigration reform’.

Mr. Manion confirms what has been suspected for some time, and actually stated by a few of the brave Bishops, that the body of the USCCB is fearful of losing not only the billions from the government if they stood up for the teachings of the church, but also of their coveted 501 C 3 tax exempt status. This is easily observed by looking at what the Bishops have condemned in the recent past, and currently, as well as what they have affirmed either through pastoral letters or through their silence. It is clear that the USCCB is not following their first love, which is supposed to be the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead, are relying upon the generosity of a man made structure that has little concern for their belief systems.

The USCCB is being a very good pet ‘yorkie’ and laying quietly on the laps of their masters, only to make noise when their funding or tax exempt status appears to be threatened. Their behaviors are very predictable, and one knows nearly all the time what position they will take, depending upon the contemporary feel of the Democratic Party. This body does not represent the true teachings of the Catholic Church anymore, and it is high time that the laity recognizes this fact, and begins to act on it by no longer funding them in any way, shape or form. As stated in earlier posts, if the USCCB has more allegiance to this government and their ways of doing business, then they should send all of their fund raising letters and financial requests to the IRS.

It is truly scandalous that the USCCB will not protect the integrity of Holy Communion and the sanctity of life by insisting legalized child killing end, and reserves their harshest criticism for those who advocate obeying both civil and church law. These men have lost their first love for the Gospel, and seem to trust in men more than the God they claim to serve. This body really has no moral right to demand financial support from the faithful, when the area not carrying out the Gospel mandates, and have no intention of doing so. The USCCB is more loyal to a band of renegade socialists (whose days are numbered) and show contempt for those who send in hard earned cash, and want to live by the principles of the Gospel.

As many believe and have alluded to the GOP being the party of God, the USCCB, through their actions, seem to mirror the whims of the Democratic Party, and by proxy, have elevated the Democratic platform to that of a divine right. It is unimaginable that God would be for the wholesale slaughter of his most innocent, and is for the callous violation of national laws such as legalized immigration. But here we have it, the most influential group of the American Catholic Church consistently voting with their wallets, and working the hardest at not ‘offending’ their masters, and thus showing, they truly don’t care about the salvation of these individuals, or the betterment of society through the true proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mr. Manion’s article at this link:


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