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Thursday, May 6, 2010


George Offerman

This morning, it was reported that the Fabian Socialist Obama has been very critical of the Arizona ‘immigration’ law, and is appalled that it profiles ‘people of color’. Interestingly enough, Obama makes no mention of laws being broken, and has yet to comment on the Deputy Sheriff who was shot in the desert by what appears to be some banditos from over the border (very unlike the supposed white male tea partier who planted the SUV bomb in times square) our Fabian Socialist president is going way out of his way to not ‘offend’ this group of law breakers, but has no problems, and in fact goes out of his way to chastise, and even make false accusations against white Christians, especially of the male type.

It is interesting that Fabian Socialist Obama’s state department was ‘busted’ for documents that called for observation and spot checking of individuals for reasons such as Ron Paul bumper stickers, gun ownership, ‘1 issue’ individuals, those in third parties and anyone who is strong in their faith (read fundamentalists) as well as those who strongly support second amendment rights. The only time this Fabian Socialist has used the term ‘Terrorist” is in describing the above mentioned individuals in this group. His brother Muslims can do no wrong, and anyone of color evidently is by far more trustworthy that the white devil man (woman).

It is amazing that as a born citizen of this country, how often I have to produce ‘papers’ for even the smallest of transactions. I am asked all the time to produce proof of who I am, and the last two trips out of this country required passports and other forms of ID. The government has something called social security numbers, which in effect, allows them to monitor all activities and transactions, and it gives them access to my most personal information that frankly is none of their business. (You know, being a white Christian male makes me a potential TERRORIST!!!!) However, for (legal) citizens in this country, it is now the way of life. Question for the Fabian Socialist President: How many CHRISTIAN suicide bombers have blown up anything, in, let’s say, the last 100 years? Answer: ZERO.

Then we have this idiot from Pakistan, who after spending 5 months in the Pakistan killing field training for true terrorism, purchases a gun, and bomb making materials and is supposedly on the ‘no fly list’, is able to walk onto an airplane using his real name, buying a ONE WAY TICKET WITH CASH and nearly gets out of the country? Little blue haired grandmothers are given the once over (Obama, this is called profiling) when there has never been one incident of terrorism involving little blue haired grannies, yet this moron is able to get onto a plane unscathed. Now the Fabian Socialists want to increase security measures (more stringent profiling of people who are not terrorists) to supposedly remedy this situation.

Getting back to the first point, this Fabian Socialist sees the stopping of people to check for their ‘papers’ as profiling and claims this is against the ‘long held beliefs’ of this country. This same guy then profiles and keeps records of those who are ‘documented’ and uses poor excuses to justify this. The ‘undocumented’ cannot be followed in their transactions, cannot be harassed by the IRS, and seem quite able to get around in this society without the documents I need to have, and on top of it, are able to ‘travel’ in and out of this country due to the fact they are now a protected class. These people have a freedom that the law abiding citizen who plays by the rules does not have. On top of that, not only are they protected, they are not seen as a threat, nor are harassed as much as any white Christian born in this country is.

No, it is the Fabian Socialist president who is guilty of profiling, and it is against the white Christian (especially if he was born in this country). Obama has done nothing but bad mouth this country to other world leaders, trashed our traditions and former presidents (especially Bush) wants total control over the law abiding citizens, labels and name calls those who disagree with him and has used the term ‘terrorist’ only in the domestic setting, and has vilified the tea partiers. This Fabian Socialist has protected his Muslim brothers and those of color and has vilified those of the ‘majority’ in this country. No the ones who have been profiled and labeled the enemy of the state are the same ones who pay for the garbage passed by the legislature and signed into law by this thug. It is getting real old, and if those who are being ostracized don’t do something about it soon, there very well may be no other chances to turn this around.

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