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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


George Offerman

This is one time I have to say Obama made a brilliant move with this nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. Because she ahs never served on the bench, Kagan has no fears or concerns over ‘questionable’ judgments and will most likely sidestep many of the very straight forward questions that many of the conservative nominees such as judge Bork, had to endure. Of course, there is a lot of speculation pertaining to Ms. Kagan’s personal life, but you can bet your life that the socialists will be screaming bloody murder if any of the so called conservative Senators even dare bring them up.

What is known, as has been reported by world net daily, is that Ms. Kagan appears to be a Fabian Socialist, like her supreme handler Obama. It is uncanny, how these two have so many similarities and how their lives in many ways mirror each other. Definitely, I agree with Mark Levin’s observation, that both of them will be the “most unqualified people in any room the walk into”. In what little information is available, it seems Ms. Kagan is going to be extremely socialistic and about as far left as one can get. (Now, why many of the so called ‘conservative’ groups have not done their homework and a few have actually endorsed this woman is beyond belief).

Ms. Kagan graduated from Princeton in 1981, and had penned a thesis paper titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City 1900-1933, in which she laments the fact that the great movement known as Socialism declined due to infighting, and was not able to attain its greatness due to this fact. (Evidently, Kagan does not understand the ‘control freak’ nature of most socialists) If this is true (And I plan on getting a copy of her thesis if possible) this gives great indications as to how this nominee will vote on critical decisions, and will most likely be an ‘activist’ judge versus one that sees the Constitution as supreme and worthy to being defended. (Now, I wonder if she will get even a tenth of the scrutiny Bob Macdonald received for his supposed ‘sexist’ college thesis during the Virginia governor’s race)

As in true fashion of a Fabian Socialist, Kagan well may be elevated to a position she has neither earned nor is qualified for. What is known about her is the fact she comes from an upper middle class family, and basically had her Ivy League education paid for by another (father). Kagan had been nominated by Clinton for a Federal Judgeship, but the Republican lead Senate failed to confirm her. Kagan, has thus floated around, and ended up in academia, and has had the opportunity to teach future lawyers in the same school that Obama had his very short Lecture (not professor) gig. (And these are the same people who accused Bush of cronyism).

Ms. Kagan needs to be grilled by those who want to uphold what is left of this country. There needs to be plenty of elected officials willing to be ‘politically incorrect’ and there needs to be herds of citizens willing to back up the senators doing the grilling. If we find that this woman is a Fabian Socialist (which seems very likely) she needs to have her nomination rejected in similar fashion that Socialist Kennedy did to Judge Bork. (and what was attempted to Justices Thomas, Alito and Roberts). It is time for those who want to see justice once again in this land, to stand up and fight for it. It is time to say no to these Fabian Socialists and the one world order they are promoting and implementing.

If this is the fight that most pro lifers are stating needs to happen, then we need to be out there in droves. Ms. Kagan could very well be on the bench for the next thirty years, and there seems to be little question as to which side of the war she will be on. There is a need to find out as much as possible about this woman and to be as public about this information as possible, and to encourage everyone you know to be active in stopping this nomination. One of these days, we will run out of options and chances, and only then, will we know the true score of how God really sees us.

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