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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday’s mini ‘super Tuesday’ was a decent start to this November’s mid term elections, but not necessarily the slam dunk that was expected by many of the so called ‘conservatives’ and pundits. Incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln (D. Ark) ended up tied, and is now in a run off with her opponent Lt. Governor Bill Halter scheduled for June 8. The late Rep. Murtha’s seat went to Democrat Mark Critz over Republican Tim Burns very handily. This contest seemed to be overlooked in much of the reporting, and goes to show that the anger and desire for real change may not be running as deeply as many would like to believe.

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, won his primary and will be running against either Lt Governor Daniel Mongiardo or Jack Conway, who are currently neck and neck for the democratic nomination. This race is particularly interesting, as it is one of the few contests in which the tea party is truly represented by what one could have considered an underdog. Already, many in the mainstream GOP consider Paul to be too radical, and liability to the party. This is the exact thought process that has scared many involved in the tea party, as well as those who believe that there needs to be a ‘house’ cleaning in Washington.

The fears have been that the Republicans would want to abscond with the anger and passion demonstrated by a large minority of people who have finally become involved in the political scene. This is what is so dangerous, in attempting to put the tea party ideals and passions under the GOP tent. It seems the GOP already wants to run to the ‘compromise’ tent and placate the obviously morally and fiscally bankrupt Democrats. The downfall of the GOP (Grandpa On Prozac) is not learning from past failures, and the multiple numbers of betrayals to a large segment of their base over the past few decades.

There is a need to stick to what appears to be a very simple message and agenda. What the Tea party people and other like minded producers in this country want is: 1) smaller and unobtrusive government, 2) balanced budgets 3) protection and respect for the Constitution, 4) ending legalized child killing, 5) lowered taxes, 6) closed border and sensible immigration and 7) end of the welfare state. There may be other points not covered, but in essence, this is what most of the reasonable folks want to see their elected representatives fight for. To want to compromise this message is a very clear statement that many in the GOP ‘don’t get it’ about the frustration with the government, and that by electing many of them, the status quo will continue, with only lip service being paid to the real issues.

So it seems we are at a crossroads concerning the next political move. Do we compromise and risk going into the GOP tent, with another promise that ‘it will be different this time’, or proceed on with a third party? I, for one, do not trust the GOP and think their habitual selling out of conservative values is in many ways way worse than what the Democrats do. I also don’t buy into the hype that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote, or helping out the Dems. The only way to get the message through to either party is to throw most of them out and nominate and elect those willing to stand up for constitutional government, and be willing to be one term politicians.

I am also disheartened over the fact a good part of the electorate has ‘moved on’ from the hell care debate and debacle. This is not unexpected, and it appears the something for nothing crowd may be doing what they always do: looking out for themselves. November is a long way off, and much can happen before then. In the mean time we continue on the financial slippery slope with out of control spending and out of control money printing, and an out of control congress that is proposing more goodies for the lazy fair. Something needs to change, and it has to happen very soon.

*** Thanks to Randall Terry for the GOP line out of his song GOP. Please watch his program Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance. www.terrycast.com

**** For those of you who still do not believe the financial trouble we are in. Question: If the dollar really is gaining strength, as shown by the dollar index, then why are prices in nearly everything still rising? Answer: the dollar index on Wall Street is a sham. Why gas is nearly $3 per gallon with oil less than $70 per barrel, when 2 years ago oil was $147 per barrel, yet only $4 per gallon? Not a strong dollar. Finally, we owe the money powers a big THANK YOU for ‘taking down’ gold and silver. It allows for the smart people to ‘load the boat’ at bargain prices.

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