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Monday, May 17, 2010


George Offerman

There has been much written about Supreme Court nominee Kagan in the past two weeks, and so far, what can be gleaned from the public information available, this woman is an extremist, bent on changing law according to her vision, and that of the very liberal (socialist) judges she considers her heroes. That there are pro life people who are actually considering supporting this nominee just goes to show how ‘lukewarm’ many, if not most are in this movement. So far, this woman has not shown ANY propensity in upholding anything traditional and dear about this country and its constitution, and there seems to be nothing to debate, other than demanding answers at her hearing.

Since Ms. Kagan has never donned a black robe, one must look at what she has been able to do as the first Dean of Harvard Law School, and Solicitor General. Ms. Kagan has had the distinction of revamping the curriculum at the most prestigious law school in the nation, and replaced the compulsory classes on constitutional law with international/comparative law. Ms. Kagan believes that international law seems to have relevancy in our country, and has alluded to the fact that it is American law that fits within the international scheme, and thus should be taken into account when ‘legislating’ from the bench.

Ms. Kagan has a hero in the former President of the Supreme Court of Israel in Aharon Barak, who is considered to be one of the most ‘activist’ judges known in the world. Mr. Barak received an honorary degree from Harvard during Ms. Kagan’s tenure as dean, and Ms. Kagan seems to have an affinity for Mr. Barak’s style in using law from all over the world, without necessarily taking any local or national interests and traditions into account. There are many jurists who view the extreme activism of Mr. Barak as dangerous and unprecedented. To say that Ms. Kagan would not want to imitate her ‘hero’ is to believe that she truly is going to have some sort of ‘epiphany’ and turn around and be that ‘5th vote’ to overturn Roe.

There are also questions pertaining to Ms. Kagan’s view of the second amendment, which is very imperative in the traditions and rights that are uniquely American. Due to the fact that most of the socialistic European countries and all the communist countries are very anti gun, and we would soon be disarmed and unable to stop the tyranny that may soon follow. Second amendment rights are the cornerstone of a free people, and truly the enemy of the socialist. So, this would be in alignment with the idea that Ms. Kagan is a closet Fabian Socialist.

Just in case there may be doubts about Ms. Kagan’s historical views on legalized child killing, the following statement was released and attributed to the editorial research done by the Princeton “Prince”:

The editorial called Reagan’s economic policies “fanciful,” predicting that they “would ultimately prove disastrous,” and that Reagan would abandon the natural and urban environment in favor of setting “industry free from stifling government rules.” It also criticized Reagan for supporting an amendment making abortion illegal in cases where the mother’s life was not at stake.

It seems clear by her positions concerning Reagan’s position on abortion that Ms. Kagan is for this ‘human right’. Ms. Kagan may have been thinking of her future when presenting her belief on legalized child killing, and expressing it in more couched terms as in cases where the mother’s life is not at stake, instead of using the term ‘elective procedures”. It seems to be clear that from the little gleaned so far, Ms. Kagan is no friend of the pro lifers and will want to promote the radical view that she and her handler, Obama ascribe to. By doing more research on documents soon to be released, it should not be difficult at all to prove this woman will be an extremely dangerous justice that will lead all in ‘activism’ and promote those matters that are repulsive to the average citizen.

So, all the pro life side needs to do is focus on the little already known (which is a lot of information) to understand clearly that Ms. Kagan is no friend to the babies. It really is time to mobilize against this nominee if our side is serious in attempting to influence this nation’s future concerning legalized child killing. Waiting until the last minute, as with Sotomayor, will result in the same outcome, and legalized child killing will have a long life in this country. Do we want that kind of blood on our hands?

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