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Thursday, May 13, 2010


George Offerman

It was announced late last night that April’s deficit was 83 billion, one of the highest monthly deficits on record. What makes this so interesting is the fact April normally runs a surplus due to obvious reasons, and it is the worst April showing ever. This is on the heals of the Demovamps announcing their intentions to push through larger spending items before the November elections, when they BETTER BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE. It never ceases to amaze me how so many elected officials do not’ get it’ when it comes to being stewards of resources that are not theirs. (and this is the same party that pushes junk like ‘green’ movements, global warming, and other false matters).

The 19 consecutive months of deficits is a national record, and there is no end in sight. The Demovamps, who are proving themselves to be the party of waste and corruption, are also pushing this country past the point of no return financially, and actually seem to relish this. Their absolute zeal in punishing producers is only topped by their zeal to incorporate all of the illegal aliens into consuming citizens, and ensuring their continual reelections and continuity of their green blood sucking policies and paybacks to fellow cronies. If this does not get the blood boiling in the majority of Americans, then very little will, and truly this country is a dead man walking.

The trajectory of the current deficits spells doom for the financial system. It really does appear that the only exit strategy is total collapse, and it is looking like it is not very far off. No one is buying Treasure notes, and the last sale had some entity called “Household” that purchased $100 Billion of these pieces of toilet paper. It is rather hilarious that the money powers are so uncreative that they have to give their shill organization the name of Household to pawn off as some legitimate buyer. First of all, there is no such organization named Household, and where did this organization come up with $100 Billion of ‘spare change’ to purchase Treasuries? Speaking of toilet paper, what is the difference between toilet paper and Federal Reserve notes? Toilet paper does not leave green ink on your @-- after you wipe!

Despite sounding like the prime pessimist, there is NO CHANCE that the country is going to turn around financially. The depression we are in was sealed by passage of the hell care bill, and when the real bill arrives it will finish off whatever chance we did have of reigning in the debt load. None of the incumbents and neither of the two parties will EVER repeal the hell care law, and the absolute socialistic agenda that is in store for us will finish off all productivity and incentive for doing anything in this country. The survivability for the masses will ultimately reside in a black market bartering economy as there is no way people will acquiesce to this government stealing food from their family, in order to pay the interest to these God forsaken banksters who are attempting to take over and dictate how we are to live.

In the mean time, those of you who have not heeded the warnings all around you, it is time to act and take care of the necessities for you and your family. There are many other than me who are stating what appears to be the obvious, and time needs to be spent dealing with the essentials and getting them done while there is still time. For when the collapse starts in earnest, the speed in which things moves will ‘shock and awe’ the vast majority, and even the simplest parts of our current routines may well be impossible to complete the way we have been used to. Time should be spent on the most essential matters, and not wasted on the unimportant and frivolous.

It ought to be clear even to the greatest skeptic, that this government has NO INTENTION of keeping its promises, and does not have the money to fund all of the liabilities it has taken on. There is no intention to reign in the budget, and these PIGS are now eying pension funds and IRA’s as their next source of funding. How much longer they can hold off the inevitable collapse is anyone’s guess, but the rapid rate of the troubles in Europe (soon to move here) ought to wake up the most zombified American to the harsh reality of the current situation. The printing presses are going full speed, and we will soon be awash in green, and hemorrhaging red. Get ready.

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