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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


George Offerman

This past Saturday, Michael Brown of spiritdaily.com was in Silver Spring, Maryland and gave one of his well known retreats. The materials were similar to the retreat we attended several months ago, but there were some expanded thoughts on two of the topics Mr. Brown normally covers, that of the after life and that of prophesy.

During the after life portion of the conversation, Mr. Brown discussed how there is overwhelming evidence of not only the afterlife with a heaven, but of hell and purgatory as well. But was more remarkable, was the fact that a very large number of people stated their ‘life review’ commenced with conception, and not birth, and that these people had very vivid memories of events while in the womb, and how their mother’s interaction in the environment, moods, etc had a profound effect on them.

As. Mr. Brown alluded to, this has very large implications for the unborn, as it appears they are not only very aware of what is going on, but it would affirm the claims in Scripture that life begins at conception (a belief we already (or should) hold) and the need to protect life from conception. This would also include abortofacients and other means of ‘birth control’ that have become widely accepted and practiced in western civilization. It seemed many in the room were rather surprised by this, and Mr. Brown seemed to be clear in his emphasis on the need to become more active in this endeavor, of protecting life from conception.

From this point, the discussion pertaining to prophecy dovetailed from the abortion issue and looked at the general state of sin and how this is affecting our society, and world events. What appears to be a scourge in these modern times is the proliferation of cloning and altering genes of a significant amount of plant life, and moving into the animal kingdom, and even touching upon experimentation with human DNA. There appears to be a ‘quickening’ in the prophetic pulse and much of it lies around the perversion of science and the attempts to restructure the foundations of life itself.

It seems there are many unintended consequences of our actions, and it is becoming more obvious the longer and more widespread the experimentation goes. The genetically modified plants are spreading and basically infecting the unmodified species, and it may be very soon that no natural seeds and plants will exist in the next 10-15 years. Since no one has been able to study the environmental impact of this, it is unknown what effects it has on the animal kingdom, as well as for the humans who consume this food stuff. From what is being reported by several different seers as well as the 1990 prophesy from Mr. Brown’s book Tower of Light, it is seen as an abomination to God, and will end up in total disaster. In effect, it appears we are telling God that his creation is not good enough, and we have to meddle with it in order to create a form that is ‘sustainable’ from our perspective. Arrogance in our ‘knowledge’ is the main engine of our downfall.

Mr. Brown emphasized, from his perspective that he believes we have a very limited opportunity, if any at all, to make the necessary changes in our society to stop what appears to be harsh judgments on the horizon. These judgments, at least as currently predicted, would ‘destroy’ all of man’s creation, and effectively put us back into a more peasant like existence, or third world status. Life would be simpler, but the lifestyle as now known in this country would be but a memory, and once again, we would have to depend upon God for our daily needs.

Either way, challenging times are upon us, and regardless of whether we are hit with natural disasters in the very near future, we are witnessing the wholesale destruction of our economy right before our eyes. Things are becoming more critical by the day, and for those who are still in denial, it is not a time to have one’s head in the sand. I agree with Mr. Brown on this, that the money powers have given us a window of opportunity, but it needs to be acted upon, and very soon. This very well may be the last call, and we need to heed the sounds of the trumpets, and see the signs in front of us.

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