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Friday, May 21, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the treachery of the Democrats continues on. El Presidente Calderon gave his little speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, and had the audacity (Obama should learn from this) to openly criticize the State of Arizona for its new law to curtail the lawbreakers from entering and staying in their state. Very typical of the treacherous Democrats, they gave him an ovation (some stood up) and in essence agreed with his statements and permitted an invited guest of this country to trash the policies of the country.

What makes this even more remarkable is the fact a few minutes later into the speech, El Presidente Calderon asked for money to help with the Mexican ‘drug problem’. (And there is no doubt this corrupt Democratic house will want to fully fund this request on the dime of the producers in this country.) So, we have a guy from a country that is openly advocating for his people to violate the laws of another sovereign nation, gets invited to that nation, then ahs the ‘gonads’ to criticize that nation when some that nation decide to actually enforce the rule of law. Then we have the publicly educated morons in congress show their approval, and will now reward this behavior with money to help them with their other so called problems. Wow, just when you thought this party could not get dumber. No wonder their party symbol is a jack@$$.

For all of those who are running against these morons, it is time to get some of the footage of this fiasco, find your representative in that footage, and run non stop ads in their districts showing how your representative does not respect the rule of law, and THROW THEM OUT! I wonder how the party of the jack@$$ would react if the producers of this country decided en masse to disobey the laws these jack@$$e$ pass. Very simple. The party of the jack@$$ would sick their favorite agency, the IRS onto these people, and these people would be thrown in prison, labeled domestic terrorists, survivalists, religious fanatics, or accused of sedation or treason. This really is the age where right is wrong, lawlessness is rewarded and the law abiding are persecuted.

It seems we are getting very close to the time in which civil disobedience will be necessary just to survive. It is time to wake up and take an active role in the daily operation of this country, and to not accept this imposition of lawlessness onto our lives. This, of course, will take courage and commitment, but it will truly be ‘lights out’ if this is not done very soon. This is when we will see if most people are all talk, or really mean what they say when they discuss the need to have real changes occur in this country.

In the mean time, it is important to let the party of the jack@$$ that their behaviors yesterday are unacceptable and very un-American. If the party of the jack@$$ is truly ashamed of America, then get out of here, and start your own country with your own money, and resources, and implement whatever socialistic programs you want. But leave me and my money and resources alone. Maybe El Presidente will let the party of the jack@$$ go to his country and start using their resources. That would be an even exchange, given that’s what we have done for the past few decades. What goes around comes around.

Speaking of money, it is nearly gut splitting laughter at the lame excuses the powers that be use to explain all of the ‘down’ days on the stock market. The only discussions that never occur with these people is the truth: that our welfare state cannot pay for the nearly 50% of the people here that are being taken care of by the other 50%, and we are on an unsustainable curve. We will soon see the problems in Greece come here, but in magnitudes greater. It is inevitable, and definitely coming. It will be painful, but necessary, and will require the dead weight in society to begin carrying their own weight. Hard work never hurt anyone, and it is about time we relearn this lesson in this country.

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