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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday, on CBS news with Katie Couric, there was a family interviewed in Phoenix that had decided to ‘relocate’ to California, due to the draconian new law recently passed. The mother (the father refused to be on camera) disclosed that they had been in this country for 15 years, and during that time, managed to birth 10 children, who were all American citizens (read: anchor babies).

During the interview, the woman, despite being in the country for 15 years, spoke only Spanish, and verbalized anger and frustration over the fact that she felt obligated to move, due only to being ‘undocumented”. The CBS team interviewed neighbors, and attempted to play the sympathy card in that the neighborhood will now change, due to the family having to relocate. There was no mention from the CBS team about legalizing her status, or even questioning how this family has managed to navigate the system to take advantage of taxpayer based education for the 10 children, or the health care related costs, such as birth, etc.

It was apparent that CBS had an agenda with this story, and they bantered on about how ‘unfair’ the new law is in Arizona, and the ‘hardships’ it is producing for the ‘undocumented workers’. Of course, the CBS team did not make one attempt to interview any of the Arizona officials to get their view of the story (showing how fair and balanced they are), and they sure did not interview any immigrants, who actually came into the country the LEGAL WAY. It would be very interesting for CBS to actually do a balanced story, and interview legal immigrants, and try to understand the ‘hardship’ they go through to make it right for themselves and their families.

I was introduced to an Eastern European woman by a friend, who thought I could help her out in her situation. This woman is here on a student visa and states she will have to leave the country if she goes less than full time in school, and states she has been working for some time to get a green card. This woman is currently working 4 part time jobs, as well as taking a full class load at a local community college, and speaks fluent English after being here only four years. (This woman did not know one word of English prior to coming over).

This woman went on to discuss how much she has paid in legal fees to navigate the immigration system, but has nonetheless, persevered and continued with the process. This woman has taken the time to learn the language, and has a very good working knowledge of our laws. She is paying taxes and if not able to become a citizen, will forfeit the money paid into the system. This woman is also law abiding, and is very cognizant of what she needs to do to even register her car properly. She takes great pride in contributing to this society, and is looking forward to obtaining her citizenship, in her words ‘if it is meant to be’.

Katie Couric and the CBS team will never interview this woman or any one like her for that matter because it will detract from their story line. No one will bother to interview and document the ‘hardships’ these people go through, but they only want to describe hardships when it comes to those who break the laws, and document these law breakers whining and complaining about it, while they simultaneously eat up resources paid for by citizens, and others who play by the rules. There is very little respect for the law anymore, and the mainstream media is going to cater to the politically correct, and show disdain for those who do put in the effort to do the right thing.

Yes, we do have an immigration problem in this country. We are keeping those out who are actually interested in assimilating and encouraging those who openly violate the law, and show no interest in participating and contributing to this country in a way that enhances it. It is always about blame; it’s got to be some one else’s fault, it’s too hard to get in, too much bureaucracy, prejudice, low paying jobs. Take your pick; any excuse will do if the goal is to attack the majority and their way of life and beliefs.

Those who want to be in this country need to follow the current laws. They need to learn the language of the people, which is English (speak whatever you want in the privacy of your homes). They need to learn and obey the laws of the land; they need to work legally and pay taxes, and contribute constructively to this society. They need to learn about the Rich heritage of America and add to it, not take away from it. But don’t expect to be welcomed if it is demanded that they are taken care of and given special privileges that those who already live here do not receive. Newness is always welcome in this country, wanting to dictate the terms of being here and thinking one runs the show is not welcome.

On a related note…

Did anyone else notice that during the Illegals march last weekend, there was a good amount of destruction of other people’s property and other assorted violence that took place? Did you also happen to notice that it was barely covered by the MSM, and even then, the MSM blamed ‘anarchists’ and not the Illegals for the lawbreaking and destruction? Funny, how law breakers have a tendency to… break laws! The tea party people have done no such things, but have been called the most outrageous names by the MSM and Obama and his other Fabian socialist goons.

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