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Thursday, May 20, 2010


George Offerman

In one of the most outrageous and shameless displays of his presidency, Obama held a press conference with the president of the south and in effect, agreed with this man about how the Arizona law is ‘very bad’ and is potentially harmful for the relationship between the two countries. Obama, true to his “It’s America’s fault” posture, agreed with this man, and basically dissed a part of his own country to placate this guy from the south. It is disheartening to see a president of our country go after his own citizens and a state rather than stand up for the constitution and existing federal law that makes in a CRIME to break into the country.

Obama could have (and should have) taken time to publicly remind the president from the south, that their laws are much harsher for illegal aliens, and that there is nowhere near any parity between the two countries. Obama also could have (and should have) called the man out on his behavior in questioning our laws on our land as a guest in our country. Obama could have (and should have) also called into question how it is that a president can have a policy of solving his country’s problems by encouraging it’s citizens to violate the laws of another country, using their resources and jobs, then chastise that country when they attempt to do something about it.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder was outed recently by a savvy reporter who pressed him on the actual contents of the Arizona law. After a great deal of hesitation, Attorney General Holder admitted that he had not actually read the law, but ‘read commentaries from others who read the law’, and was going from that. This has been the overall reaction by many in high positions within the Obama administration, and it is abundantly clear that they have little interest in real immigration reform, but want to continue on the path that has been followed for a few decades now. Maybe Obama was distracted when he took the oath of office, but he did make a pledge to uphold the constitution and the protection of the country. He, and his administration, are doing the opposite of this, and he does not deserve to be in office.

This is the least qualified president we have ever had, and it is becoming painfully obvious the more time passes. What we need in this country is someone who is aware of our history, takes pride in it, and pledges to up hold it. We very well may have this in the Republican nominee Rand Paul. If elected, Dr. Paul would have about as much political experience as Obama, and there would be precedent for him to seek the presidency. But unlike Obama, Dr. Paul actually has real life experience doing what he was educated in, and has had a real job.

I am adding a piece by Randall Terry about this exact point. It is well written, and hits the point that the tea party people are being seduced by the dark GOP forces, that wants to ‘water down’ their message, and continue with the status quo and compromise they are well known for. Link:

Rand Paul for President! The People's Hero, the GOP Establishment's Nightmare; What Will Republican Leaders Do?

"If Obama can go from a Senate victory in 2006 to the Presidency in 2008, why can't Rand Paul pull off a similar miracle? The first goal is victory in November; the second is the White House."

Randall Terry

Dr. Rand Paul's primary victory over the GOP machine pick (and Kentucky Secretary of State) Trey Grayson is a stunning victory for grass roots Americans, and a stunning blow to the Republican establishment.

Dr. Paul's triumph is a political nightmare for the GOP. They want the momentum, money, manpower and votes of the "Tea Party" activists and other angry voters. But they tremble over candidates like Dr. Paul who are actually principled when it comes to fiscal liberty, ending socialism in America, defending Christian Marriage, and outlawing all child killing by abortion from conception until birth.

This is a huge quagmire for Republican Leaders. If old-line party hacks like Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey - who are trying to co-opt the Tea Party for run of the mill GOP candidates - speak against Paul, they will face an angry mob, and their influence in the Tea Party movement will be over.

If the national party "distances itself" from Paul, they will further enrage a base that is quickly becoming unruly and uncontrollable by party leaders. It will cause the base to withhold funds and man-hours from the party apparatus.

If the GOP embraces Dr. Paul, his economic policies and true commitment to life and liberty show that the GOP is primarily made of big government socialists, child-killers (who use "pro-life" words to seduce pro-life voters), slaves to corporate interests and foreign regimes, etc.

The GOP would be delighted to have Scott Brown of Massachusetts as their prototype for a political superhero. He is pro-abortion, a man without an ethical compass, who will happily put Party ahead of Principle when told to by party bosses.

They will even tolerate someone like Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who talked political smack – saying he would filibuster an Obama Supreme Court nominee if the person is too ideological – who then tucked his tail and ran from the actual battle now that ultra left winger Elana Kagan is the nominee. His words seduce; his actions produce…nothing.
Rand Paul, by contrast, is the real article; a man guided by principle, not party; a man loyal to ethics, not party bosses. His pro-life position is flawless, and he will act on it, not run from it.

Simply put, he will not betray his ethical core for the sake of the Republican Party. That makes him a hero to us “common folk;” it makes him a danger to the elite.

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts was a vote against Washington DC Democrats; Dr. Paul’s victory was a vote against the GOP establishment.

Herein lies the crisis brewing for GOP leaders: If Paul becomes the poster boy of Republican foot soldiers, those who rule the ivory tower will look as foolish as the naked emperor. They will be seen as phonies craving power, using empty rhetoric to reach their goals.

What will the GOP do? Something Machiavellian, no doubt. And it will be ugly.
But their teeth gnashing and secret machinations will not matter. Kentucky is the perfect state for Paul’s victory in November. Obama is very unpopular; life and liberty election activists are energized, and willing to sacrifice their time and money; and the Democrats have neither the message or the man to stop the Paul Juggernaut.

Paul will win in November, with or without the GOP machinery and its blessing.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he inherited the Ronald Reagan populist mantle, and went on to win the White House? Let us remember that Ronald Reagan a man of principle who was strongly disliked by the GOP establishment...yet he became the most popular president of the last 60 years.

Run, Rand, run!

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