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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


George Offerman

I spent most of last night at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors hearing and public comment on a proposed “Chesapeake Bay Act”. This act, if approved, could result in charging up to $5,000 fee for adding a play set or dog house in the back yard of most residential properties in the county. It is one of the most outrageous power grabs by any government entity at any level, and had to be opposed. I only found out yesterday, just several hours before the public comment meeting, and decided it had to be a priority of my time.

I did manage to get to speak near the end of the public comment period, and told the supervisors how this is nothing more than a power grab, and that the fee structure proposed is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as no fees have ever gone down, gone away, or were what they were proposed to be in the first place. I also challenged those ‘greenies’ that are for this, that they better be leading by example, by living in high rise small condos, riding bicycles everywhere they need to go, drinking Potomac river water, and eating all organic foods.

In all, there were 70 speakers, and the majority were opposed to this measure. What was amazing, was the fact that of a county with nearly 250,000 people, that around 55 made an effort to vocalize their opposition to this governments attempts at controlling over 50% of the county land they want to claim as Chesapeake ‘watershed’, and would fall under stiff regulations and very high fees to make any changes on the property. With this said, it is no wonder that our side is getting creamed by the socialists in nearly every arena. The majority oppose this, but only from the safety of their kitchens, and don’t seem to be bothered enough to pull themselves away from the TV for a few hours and help out their fellow citizens who at least give a damn about matters at hand.

Very much like other private property issues (especially legalized child killing), it seems like the dark side and the base nature of man has taken over the majority, and they stay silent, as the few vocal elite plan our future for us. It is no surprise that our path in this country continues to become steeper as we slide into situations that we are neither prepared for nor want to be in. The quicker the pace of things becomes, the more the masses want to hunker down, and pretend all is well, and attempt to live on in their world of make believe. That is why many people in many different fields are coming to the same conclusion concerning this country at least; that the change ready to befall us will take most by surprise, and be painful, if not lethal for some.

This may be still avoidable, but on an individual basis, not a national one. Spiritually and financially, we have made our beds, and we now will be lying in them soon. Why is it, this late in the game, the majority still doesn’t want to face up to reality? All around us we can see decay in nearly all things, yet want to cling to ideals and lifestyles that are neither healthy nor sustainable. Minimally, there will be a cleansing of the land if the Lord will it, and life as we know it will be simpler and sustainable. The alternative is much darker than this, and the possibility of this alternative taking place may be much greater than one wants to acknowledge.

It is not fun nor pleasant to contemplate these matters, but it is of the greatest necessity to do so at this time. Our lives may depend on it, and there will only be burning regret if one knows they were warned, but chose to do nothing about it when the opportunity allowed. With what one can observe about the past few years, not many are willing to look at what is happening around them, and even fewer are willing to do anything about it. The masters of the universe have plans for us, and they are not good. It is time to get from out of the shadows and act in the God given manner in which we are called by God to do.

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