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Thursday, June 3, 2010


George Offerman

You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its flavor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on by people

Matt: 5-13

Nancy Pelosi does a public Bible study, and basically mocks God and Jesus, and the Bishops stay silent. The outrage by most of the laity to this event is very understandable, and the comments let on multiple blogs showed an overwhelming majority of those believe this woman is minimally delusional, if not outright evil. To claim that she is following Jesus, while openly advocating legalized child killing, and supporting the very grizzly partial birth killing is blasphemy, and is in desperate need of correcting, if not outright ex communication. But the Bishops stay silent.

Ms. Pelosi prayed for the intervention of St. Joseph (who by the way, took on his pregnant Bride, and had and raised her son) to assist in passing the hell care bill. Her thought process was that St. Joseph understands the burden of raising children in tough conditions, and dealt with a ‘single’ mother. Ms. Pelosi somehow believes that a great saint of the Church would somehow bless her efforts by assisting in the destruction of God’s most precious beings, and appeared to have her petition answered by the passage of this calamity. And the Bishops stay silent

Ms. Pelosi presents herself as a Catholic in “good standing” and actively participates in the Sacraments. This, despite crystal clear teachings and Cannons of the Church that state anyone who participates actively in legalized child killing is excommunicated and is barred from partaking in the Sacraments until they have confessed their sin and have made the promise to follow that path no more. Ms. Pelosi was informed of the grave nature of this sin personally by Pope Benedict XVI, but this was not followed up by either her Bishop in California or Archbishop Wuerl in Washington, D.C. Neither of these Bishops has enforced the Cannons and teachings that clearly state the consequences of Ms. Pelosi’s actions, as neither has the USCCB. And the Bishops stay silent.

Elena Kagan is nominated for the highest court in the land, and the Supreme Court is seen as ground zero in the legalized child killing arena. Ms. Kagan has a very liberal record according to her policies and writings, and seems clearly to be very pro death and pro homosexual, two very clear violations of Church teachings and positions. Many conservatives, as well as most liberals have been vocal in their support for her nomination and elevation to the Supreme Court. Her elevation to the court may well guarantee the next 25 years of status quo baby killing and there is little resistance from the Christian community in general. And the Bishops stay silent.

Our faith teaches that we are to be salt of the earth. Salt not only enhances flavor and can be considered one of the ‘spices’ of life, but more importantly, is a preservative. As a preservative, it is the job of the Bishops to be in the lead when matters of faith and morals come up in everyday life. When the likes of Nancy Pelosi can make outrageous statements, teach faulty Bible lessons, and in essence dictate matters of faith and morals to the Bishops and the Bishops remain silent, one can only conclude that the Bishops are listening to ‘another voice’, and it is not one that is concerned about issues of faith and morals.

The Bishops collective silence in these matters is disheartening to most believers and is doing nothing but harm to the Church. How they can stay silent in these matters is beyond comprehension, but as was stated earlier, this will not be a permanent condition, and the day of reckoning is well on its way. It seems even the most elementary of believers is beginning to understand that there is dereliction of duty by the Bishops, and that their main concern is the funding stream and the cozy relationship they have with the masters who hold the check book. Enjoy your blood money, Bishops.

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