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Thursday, June 10, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the pot is getting stirred. There are movements in almost every imaginable sector of our lives and it is getting to the point that pretending it is not there is taking a greater effort of faith than to open one’s eyes and see the reality all around. Every day that we wake up and have a ‘semblance’ of normalcy is really an indicator that God is still dispensing his Grace upon us, and showing how long suffering he really is. Unfortunately, this is not being seen, even by many Christians. Events are happening at such an alarmingly fast pace that it is nearly impossible to keep up with them.

We look at some of the man made causes of the disturbances, and can likely start with the political. It is not just in this country, but the world. More countries are piling up on Israel due to their attempted blockade of the Gaza Strip and the threat by Iran and Turkey to assist the ‘Palestinians’ in running the next one. Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons, and has been abundantly clear that they plan on using them on Israel. The Mid East wars continue and appear to be creating more resentment as more innocent people are killed. More and more countries are on the verge of bankruptcy and will be reneging on all sorts of promises, not only to their own citizens, but debts owed to other countries. The blame game will continue, as tempers simmer.

Environmentally, there is the oil leak that no one seems to be able to stop. The Gulf States are now becoming contaminated with no only oil, but now having problems with the very toxic dispersant used to break up the oil at the site. There are the forecasts that the hurricane season, that started June 1 will be very active and has the potential to create a nightmare situation in the gulf (if this is not already a nightmare).there have been noticeable increases in earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are the unexplained losses of huge numbers of bee colonies, and subsequent issues with disease and the possible linkage to genetically modified plants.

Financially, the world is being buried alive in unsustainable and unpayable debt. Every nation on earth uses fiat money, instead of God’s money Gold and Silver, and nearly every nation is now being subjected to unsustainable growth in their money supply, as well as government promises on services and future entitlement payments. There are financial crisis literally every day, and the monetary foundation has never been more precarious than now. This coupled with the fact that the world’s population is the most unprepared for any breakdown in the infrastructure leads to the most susceptible and dangerous situation imaginable.

This is on top of maybe the most important factor of all, the denial of a Supreme God who demands certain behaviors and demands a certain order of things that the current crop of humanity will not obey. It would seem that the majority of the issues listed above (and this is only precursory) are the result of this rebellion and sinful behavior. It is no wonder that all hell appears to be ready to break loose, as we pull further and further away from the source of all life. Without some fundamental changes in our belief system and getting back to the theological basics, it is appearing more and more that God will soon break into history and begin to take matters into his own hands.

That people still want to pretend that things are salvageable within the modern social rubric of man being his own god, that we can solve all of our own problems, should be seen as the foolish and arrogant beliefs that they are. Without a miraculous return to God and begging him for forgiveness, there is not a chance in any universe that things will get better on our terms. The few events listed in the above paragraphs are but a scratch of the true nature of our ills, and the quickening pace of events only spells the need for some sort of resolution in very short order. It all started out due to pride, and the answer will require that pride is broken.

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