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Friday, June 11, 2010


George Offerman

I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered how those on the side that upholds death, lying, cheating and stealing can live with themselves. It would seem that they need to unplug part of their humanity in order to live within their own skin. If this is true, it is a rather sad commentary on how they need to go through their daily rituals. It is also frustrating in trying to convey and kind of truth to them, because they distort it to a degree, that it is nearly unrecognizable after they put their spin on this.

Now, in Seminary, we were taught to not use the ‘us versus them’ paradigm, because we are all sinners, but that it was also ‘offensive’ and our jobs as future priests are not to offend. However, there are appropriate times when this is acceptable, and demanded. For instance, there have been times I have done actions to another person that caused me to lay awake for many nights wondering or worrying about what I did and how the other person took or reacted to my behaviors. While some people related to my experience, there are many who do not, and take a more selfish approach and actually chastise me for that.

It is in those moments that I find myself unable to relate to them as people. As dynamic beings we are in the process of either growing or regressing. When one is growing, they will develop a more acute sensitivity to their environment and those around them, and find they are more aware of smaller movements and see how they interact with bigger movements. Those in regression seem to harden to their environment and to others, and fail to see any connection with present actions to the larger picture or to the future. When speaking to those types of people, it seems to be very genuine for them, and their main reaction is anger and then they usually level an accusation that reflects their blinded ness in a way that makes them ‘look smart’.

We are required to be ‘our brother’s keeper’ according to Scripture, and this does require that we take an active role in our society and to comment on bad behavior. It does not give us license to judge and this is sometimes a fine line. Usually it is those on the other side that are the harshest judges, as they clamor to do whatever it is they want to do, and then throw extremely nasty labels and judgments at those attempting to change things. What comes to mind are the deathscorts at the child killing abortuaries that march the babies to their deaths, claiming we are the “Nazis”. It is so far beyond comprehension that they can actually believe it, but it seems once one believes right is wrong, even their ability to reason goes away.

I have to wonder how these people can live with themselves. I have to wonder how the other side believes they are more sophisticated in their thinking, when they justify contradictory positions. I have to wonder how they can give free passes to lying, cheating and corrupt politicians, and then ‘rip’ on the law abiding, faithful and honest individual. I have to wonder how they explain the violent nature of our society. I have to wonder how these people can say things are good, when we have the highest rate of substance abuse in our history. I have to wonder how these people can justify stealing from the productive to give to the lazy, and then call the productive selfish or thieves themselves.

The people who are pro death, embrace liars, thieves and cheaters, show a great deal of anger and intolerance towards those they disagree with, and are overall miserable are a mystery. It seems inconceivable that they cannot see their problems, and even more inconceivable that they want more to join their ranks. Sleeping is something I enjoy greatly, and the only way I know how to have a good night’s sleep, is to be in the best spiritual shape I can be in and to convey this to others. Sometimes there really is an ‘us versus them’ and it is apparent when one who lives by the ‘golden rule’ cannot relate at all to those who don’t.

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