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Thursday, June 24, 2010


George Offerman


Randall Terry and others detained after making it to Senators Kyl and McConnell’s office and leaving plastic fetuses on desk.


The moment of truth has arrived for the pro life movement. Most of the mainstream pro life groups have preached over and over again that the Supreme Court holds the key in overturning Roe and Doe. If they really believe this, there will be hoards of pro lifers at the hearings, outside of the Dirkson, Hart and Russell Senate buildings. The switchboard ought to be lit up non stop, and the few wimpy GOP Senators that typically talk tough, but vote the other way need to be challenged. A filibuster may very well end this potential night mare, but if we don’t speak up now, we are culpable for this outcome.

Protests over Elena Kagan and Senators McConnell and Kyl: "Gentlemen, do you need a backbone transplant? I would be happy to offer you mine."

Source: Randall Terry

Dateline City: Washington DC

Contact: Katherine Veritas, 904 687 9804

What: Protests Regarding Kagan, McConnell, and Kyl.

When: Thursday Morning, June 24, 9:00; 10:10; and 10:45. (Details below.)

Where: Dirkson, Hart, and Russell Senate Office Buildings. (Details below.)

On Thursday, June 24, Pro-lifers from the Washington DC area will gather at the Dirkson Senate Office Building to draw attention to the cowardice and treachery of Senate Republicans, especially Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl regarding the nomination of a Lena Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

They will have a public demonstration from 9-10 A.M., and then proceed to confront staff in both Senator's offices with the question: "Why does your boss pretend to be pro-life, but he has not committed to filibuster Kagan?"

On Fox News Sunday, Senator McConnell said:

"I think some of her views are quite troubling, at least to me, in the area of political speech and the First Amendment...I think it's entirely too early to determine whether or not this nominee would be subjected to a 60-vote threshold."

Mr. Terry States:

"This is the drivel and blather we are accustomed to from the minority leader. He uses strong rhetoric when it seduces voters, but when it is time to really fight, he refuses. If Senator McConnell needs a backbone, he can borrow mine."

A Year ago, Senator Kyl said similar things on Fox News Sunday, which amounted to nothing: "I went on to say a lot of things about what I meant by that, and I was distinguishing between a person who is just liberal -- and undoubtedly this nominee will be liberal -- and one who decides cases not based upon the law or the merits but, rather, upon his or her emotions, or feelings or preconceived ideas. That would be a circumstance in which I could not support the nominee..."

This April, on ABC's this week, Kyl stated a filibuster could be "easily avoided" if Obama appointed someone with a "conventional legal outlook." (L.A. Times)

Mr. Terry States: "Senator Kyl is a case study in useless trash-talking and duplicity. Obviously, the record is clear that Elena Kagan will uphold Roe. If Senator Kyl does not have the courage and moral compass to filibuster someone who promotes the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, then he is worse than useless as a 'pro-life senator;' he is a collaborator with the other side."

Times and Locations for Thursday, June 24.

Outside Dirkson Senate Office Building, Corner of 1st and C streets. 9 - 10 A.M.,

Senator Jon Kyl's office: 730 Hart Senate Building, 10:10 A.M.

Senator Mitch McConnell office: 361-A Russell Senate Office Building, 10: 45 A.M.

Senator Kyl 202-224-4521

Senator McConnell, Senate Minority Leader 202-224-2541

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