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Monday, June 28, 2010


George Offerman

When discussing the ever pervasive and ubiquitous aspects and reach of the money powers, most folks basically take the position that there is nothing they can do about it, and their existence and influence is simply a ‘done deal’. Or those on the other extreme deny their existence, and relegate anyone discussing them as whack jobs and conspiracy nuts. Well, they are very real, and they also have very real plans for the majority of us, and these plans are not in our best interests, and we have a very limited time to do something about it. Before I get into how to defeat the money powers, it is necessary to go over what they are doing, and what is their end game.

For the money powers, it is not about money anymore, because they virtually have all of it or at least all they need. The money powers are hungry for domination of all peoples in all areas. They want a one world government, and this is apparent to anyone who puts in any effort to study them and their movements. They believe the world is over populated, and that the earth’s resources are scarce. They truly believe they have a divine right to be the masters of the earth, and totally buy into the false “Gospel of prosperity’ that is being pedaled. The worst of it is, they believe the masses are here to serve them, and we are allowed to live for their pleasure. When we ‘useless eaters’ become of no more use, they will find ways of getting rid of us.

The money powers control nearly everything in our daily lives, and it is the few areas we have control over still that will enable us to defeat them if we get the numbers willing to act. If you notice, every tool and economic interaction you make is traceable, either through credit card, bank and checking accounts, and even the ‘money in your pocket. They all have numbers, and as such, can be traced, or even in the worst case scenario, can be frozen. This of course, would be a death knell for anyone unable to access any of their resources. The money powers last vestage of the money system would be a ‘cashless’ society, in which they would have total control over every aspect of commerce, and as such, totally ‘own’ everyone.

The money powers control nearly all of the media, and this is why all the MSM say the same thing, and show all of the same news stories, and also bury the same information that would contradict their agenda. They have total control over the political system, and every PRESIDENT since Wilson, has met and been approved by such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Trilateral Commission and others, as well as many coming from Skull and Bones and other organizations, and eventually tie into such secret organizations as the Club of Rome, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry (at the higher degrees) and ending at the ultimate secret society, the Pilgrims society, based in New York and controlled from London.

The money powers control the Churches through the tax exempt status, as well as through infiltration via contemporary theology, philosophical and ‘scientific methodology” that waters down traditional theology, and in essence, changes the nature of the Christian message. It places man, and not God at the top of the hierarchy, and implies there are levels of knowledge (Gnosticism) that are hidden from the masses, and kept alive by the few elites for safeguarding against the ‘profane’ masses. There are those that have claimed it is devil worship, as there are many symbols openly used in society, but are not necessarily recognized by the common man.

The money powers despise three things that currently are not under their total control. These are: 1) informed and educated masses 2) a well armed populace, and 3) God’s money, gold and silver as exchange in commerce. One, if reading the news, should be aware of the government attempting to give Obama the ‘kill switch’ to the internet in case of ‘national emergency’, which in effect would kill all communication and stop any point of resistance. Obama is also attempting to push through significant gun control laws, requiring the registration of all firearms, and wanting a system of permits and ‘firearm trainings’ in order for citizens to continue having the ‘privilege’ of owning a gun. And the race is on in mass purchasing of most gold and silver by the central banks, and subsequent scam at the COMEX of price suppression.

So, how do we defeat the incompetent inbred idiots known as the money powers? In three simple words: CRASH THE COMEX. The internet and the gun issue is not a viable option that we can directly change, but emptying the COMEX vaults is something very viable, and would result in a price explosion in the metals that would put an end to the paper money system, thus damaging the money powers greatest asset, their printing presses. We all have the ability to purchase precious metals, and with the money powers rigging the prices to keep them low, we are still able to obtain them in much larger quantities. Buying precious metals is the easiest of the ways to get revenge on these thugs, as well as administering the most direct blow to their organization. Until the ‘powers that be’ make it illegal to own precious metals, we should be buying as much as we can carry away and hastening the day of reckoning for these evil people.

For those of you who may think this is rather sensationalist, I am providing a link to an essay from one of my heroes, Ted Butler, who is one of the most ‘anti sensationalists’ authors I have ever read. The second link is from a source that has been very accurate in his predictions on many economic fronts, and discusses the price of both gold and silver in the future. I am also linking to a story about the oil leak and potential conspiracy (for your discernment).

Ted Butler’s article


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