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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday is a sacred day in remembering those who fought and died for our freedoms, primarily in foreign lands. It is very appropriate to honor these warriors and to spend some time contemplating what it is they died for, and how we are carrying on this legacy. When thinking about how our society looks now, and how many of our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate, it is a wonder that there are those who are still willing to fight and die for the freedoms pledged in the constitution, when there is truly not freedom for all, at least for the unborn.

With the exception of a few steadfast pro lifers, there was little commemorating the huge numbers of the unborn who have lost their lives in the battle for convenience and comfort. Very little was said anywhere in the media, and little was said from the pulpits this past weekend, nor was there any statements forthcoming from our Bishops and other church leaders. The silence continues, and is growing more deafening as the time goes by. It is these forgotten ones that need memories, those who were never given the chance to make a difference and to have the opportunity to live out their God given purposes and missions.

Unlike the memorials honoring the war dead, there are no memorials honoring the 52 million + martyrs of this ongoing holocaust. There were few who bothered to remember their sacrifice to comfort and convenience, and fewer who want to be bothered by their memories. Their burial plots happen to be the sewers and landfills all over this country, and there is a God who sees all, and is shedding tears for these little ones that the Lord had great expectations for. Their ability to change society and be productive was prematurely cut short for the sake of another’s freedom. This is the ultimate ‘sacrifice’.

We will never know what impact the 52 million + would have made on our society, but it more than likely would have been positive over negative. After all, it is the killing of the most innocent that begets violence, lying, cheating and nearly every other vice, and without having such a cost as blood guilt to pay, possibly even less war. But we will never know, and now we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Another memorial day has passed and the killing continues on the greatest battlefield yet, the mother’s womb.

There never was, and never will be a ‘rolling thunder’ for the babies. There never was, and never will be memorial parades, monuments, tributes and outright acknowledgment for the babies. We never have nor ever will understand the way we changed history by allowing and participating in the wholesale slaughter of these innocent beings, and we never have, nor ever will have the blessings we as a nation could be experiencing had this holocaust never happened. These are things that we do not know or ever will know, and it is getting to be time that we prepare for our future. The question is who will be around to memorialize us?

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