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Monday, June 14, 2010


George Offerman

There is a lot of banter over what is coming on the various fronts of our society, and it is not difficult to see that it is not going to fall on the ‘good and pleasant side’ of things. One can begin to look at the many areas in which there are problems and follow through logically with the progression towards ruin, and the thought processes that accompany them. It seems in nearly every area, the push is to do ‘more of the same’ which will only decrease the time before these events occur, and time is of the essence.

The ultimate cause, of course, is sin, and sin is progressing at an ever increasing rate, and showing no signs of decreasing. Since the cause of our problems is escalating, so will the effects, once they begin to manifest themselves. The law of sowing and reaping mandates this, and in the end, this law will not be denied, and will play out exactly as it needs to. It really is a matter of individual preparation at this time, as corporately, we are most likely at the full cup of iniquity.

As is much evidenced, it is extremely likely that the first catastrophic event will be financial. It will be a cleansing event, but a painful event. It will catch most people off guard and be way more severe than anything witnessed by nearly anyone alive. The money powers try to scare the majority, and when talking about a ‘possible collapse’ (they will engineer) they money powers will make it sound like things will fall apart permanently, and that we will be happy to have and will need their ‘benevolent leadership’.

Nothing is further from the truth, as they are the cause of the problems with their fiat currency and never ending thievery of the people’s money by creating it out of thin air, and charging interest on it to boot. When the curse of this godless money is finally lifted, there will be true opportunity for economic growth and stability in society. It is the transition to this that will make society very ugly and unstable for a season. The majority of the folks, who are now benefiting from the forced socialism, will have to step up to the plate, and become productive citizens and produce more than they consume.

If one looks at the problems of Greece, one can see what is in store, but in magnitudes greater than there. People who are not afraid of hard work and are resourceful will not have as much difficulty making the transition into this new and simpler economy, and in fact, may even thrive. It will be a different way of looking at work and economic reality, as productivity will have great value and be much tied into what one needs to live decently. The nonsense that now passes for work and productivity will be long gone, and with some time, few will miss it.

Politically, things will change, as government will have to adapt or collapse in failure. The government will no longer have the ability to binge at will, and will have to be reduced and present value to people in order to be funded. Very few will be willing to part with the fruits of their labor, to disappear into some black hole, or to be paid to those who are doing nothing for it. Decisions that are now seen to be hard will become normative and will require backbone to make and to keep.

Ultimately, people will be forced into reexamining their relationship to God and to each other, and it most likely will result in a closer knit community than what exists at this time. There are not bad attributes, but the powers that be want to sensationalize all the changes, and want the common man to believe they cannot do anything without the benevolence of big brother. Ultimately we will survive, but it will be a question of how we deal with the transition, as well as the promises and pitfalls of what is on the horizon and what it brings. We shall soon see.

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