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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


George Offerman

The Kagan hearings goes into day two, and we will see how much talk the Republicans really are, and whether in the end, they will do what they are most famous for: selling us down the river. I applaud some of the pro life groups who actually are showing up in the Capitol, and for those who took the time to call or e-mail their Senators to oppose this nomination. We definitely will have to see what happens, but it is not looking very promising.

Now, switching subjects, it seems the more we learn about this oil spill, the more we are seeing the dark powers influence over matters such as this. It is so interesting that many want to place this event into one of the trumpets, when it clearly does not meet really any of the qualifications for them. These same people then scoff at the blatantly obvious dark powers in their nearly open movements, such as the recently concluded Bilderberg meeting. I do not understand how many cannot see what appears to be so obvious, and then want to force events that do not qualify for fulfillment of prophecy in the news into prophecy. (Hint: real prophets would be telling the newspapers what will happen next, not the other way around).

Even though the dark powers control nearly all aspects of our lives, they do not and really cannot know all things as many give them credit for. The tea party appears to have caught them off guard, and one can see by the fact that from Obama on down in government, as well as the MSM consistently trashes this group, and every tea party candidate is being unmercifully attacked and smeared. For no other reason, the dark powers are led by their angel king, who happens to be a created being, and thus, does not have the same attributes as God, and is not omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. God, through one inspired person willing to act, can trash the best laid plans of the enemy, but the key word in this phrase is act.

The dark powers are opportunists when it comes to natural disasters, and yes, they do plan and carry out ‘man made’ disasters when they need to advance their agenda and goals. The dark powers are an impatient group, and want their one world government NOW. But they can only move as quickly as the masses allow, and they are greatly outnumbered and would be summarily executed if discovered. So, if we know what they are doing, and do nothing about it, God through our free will and choices, will allow them their time. Satan cannot force his will upon us, but needs our permission to do it. God is still in control, and only through his allowing this to happen, will it actually occur. When we do nothing, we give permission for evil to occur.

Too many Christians want to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Granted, they may pray, which is good, but it is from the safety of their kitchens or living rooms, or churches that it is done. The field of battle is in the world, and it is in the hostile places that one needs to be present and witnessing to. When the Christian is unwilling to engage the enemy in the battle field that is when evil advances. This is not the will of God, as some would like to believe, but the permission of God, because it is the consequence of inaction, and fulfills His law of sowing and reaping. When evil takes over the battlefield, bad things happen, period.

At this time in history, the dark powers are winning because they are on the offensive and bold in their moves. The churches, the supposed keepers of the truth, are in a defensive posture at best, and derelict in duty at the worst. In fact, it seems that Satan has infiltrated the Church so deeply that he only needs to send one of his followers to ‘complain’ about being offended, and the shepherds are ‘falling over themselves’ to apologize and change teachings and traditions that ultimately harm the masses and instead present a false Gospel and message. Confusion reigns in an organization that is meant to be the light to the world. Satan is laughing at us.

When God finally breaks into history, it will be in such a grand fashion that no one will be confused and there will be no possibility of misinterpretation. The dark powers, lead by their angel king will be prepared, and the church, with most of the lukewarm believers will be caught in the middle, and will be very surprised and very unprepared. Our job, in the meantime is to get the message out, and whether one wants to respond to it will be up to them, but we know at least we sounded the warning.

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