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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


George Offerman

Obama’s first Oval Office speech really reflected this man’s inability and/or incompetence in dealing with a real problem that needs to be addressed in real time. The unreality of his statements was so pronounced that even the liberal MSNBC commentators basically shredded it. The ‘anointed one’ is losing his luster very quickly for those who have been duped by him during this time, and the outright lies Obama have been peddling for the past several weeks and months are finally ‘coming home to roost” as his buddy, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright would say.

It is day 58 and the people of the Gulf region need definitive action and not talk. There is real ecological damage being done, and the greenies are nowhere to be found. Jobs are being lost, and an already economically depressed are is made worse by Obama’ s inactions, coupled with his ‘moratorium’ on additional drilling until ‘impact studies’ are completed. This is resulting in more economic disasters. The complicit media has never questioned El Presidente on his inactions, so I will pose some that I have for the great one.

Why was the offer by the Dutch, who within 3 days of the leak offered to bring in skimmers rejected? Why was a state of emergency not called? Why was the plan to initially burn the oil before it dispersed (which estimates would have taken care of over 80%) declines, when this was the plan by the NOAA and Coast Guard? Why are there huge supplies of boomers still in warehouses? Why was Gov. Bobby Jindal told to not build a barrier to protect the inner barrier islands from the stray oil, and threatened with arrest if he ‘took matters into his own hands’? And finally, O Great One, why were you flying around on vacations and playing golf when the people you supposedly pledged to protect were suffering greatly, and needed true leadership?

Instead of addressing the reality at hand, Obama did his usual ‘blame everyone else’ and dodged his own incompetence. So what does Obama do instead? He picks the perfect time to discuss the American ‘addiction to fossil fuels’, and runs an infomercial on the need to pay for new programs through increases in taxes. Obama sidestepped the issue of his own lack of response and the urgency of solving this crisis to talk about policies and issues that will take decades to implement.

Obama is clueless as well as morally bankrupt. So are the 46% of Americans that still approve of his performance, who tolerate his lies and takeover of the majority of the economy. And we wonder why we are in so much trouble as a nation. Incompetence and lying are pasted over, while truth is buried, or is washing up on some gulf shore in the midst of black slime. Our own stinking thinking is finally coming around and biting us where we deserve it. We are lead by one of our own; in the sense Obama reflects what a large number already think. Moral bankruptcy is the order of the day, and soon it will be financial bankruptcy that will show its ugly head.

Obama has remained true to his stance since taking over the commander in chief’s job; all talk and little to no action. This man wants to peddle inaction for action and try to convince the citizens of this country, as well as the rest of the world that he is on top of the problems. Truth be told (and this is rare nowadays) for Obama to make believe that we believe what he said is to have done something Clinton claims he did not do, and that is inhale.

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