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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


George Offerman

I have a lot of ground to cover in this posting, so please excuse the ‘choppiness’ of the topic changes. First, I would like to thank those who took the time to respond in any of the fashions that you have. The majority were very positive and heartfelt, while some were on the other side, and condemning. Frankly, that’s ok with me, as it actually stirs up what needs to be stirred up, and in some senses, exposes how one really operates.

However, for those who have insisted the interpretation I presented is patently false, I am going to do something that most likely you have not experienced before: I will hold you accountable for your interpretation, and when it does not come true, I will request you at least have the integrity to admit your error and make a retraction. It is this behavior that does the most damage to Christianity, and I have found over the past 30 + years of doing this, these characters are the most ‘slippery” and absolutely resist admitting they are wrong. Pride commeth before the fall.

Also, I want to make it clear that I NEVER SAID there cannot be man made crises that are not instigated by evil, or do not have spiritual ramifications. What I DID SAY was the oil spill DOES NOT FULFILL REVELATION AND THE TRUMPETS. Sometimes I have to wonder if people read what I write, because I, more than most, do see evil in many arenas, and have written extensively about legalized child killing, the dereliction of duty by most of the Bishops, vaccines, population control, genetic modifications, the evils of the Federal Reserve and money powers, the formation of Babylon right in front of us, and other matters that most likely are related to the Revelation timeframe. These are all man made, and most definitely are spiritually lead by the evil one.

It is heartbreaking to me to see the hunger and need for proper education and instruction on such rudimentary issues such as reading the Bible. I spent 4 years in the Seminary, and have to admit that a lot of what I learned is not preached or taught by most of the priests. It is a great injustice to the laity, as the Catholic Church, IMHO, does hold the vast majority of answers to most of the contemporary issues and where we are concerning the time frame of history. And it is extremely bothersome that the Church hides behind its 501 C 3 tax exempt status, as well as being tied to political correctness in not correcting very basic violations of its main tenets such as chastising or ex communicating those receiving Holy Communion while advocating or actively participating in child killing, homosexual scandals and subsequent cover ups and blatantly advocating the violation of other areas of legitimate law, while punishing those who dare to speak up.

To this end, with the prompting of some folks, I will utilize the training I received, and do a several part series on proper hermeneutics. This should have been obvious to me some time back, as I was called out on my own behavior, by complaining about the Church not teaching this, and having this knowledge, and not doing anything with it. So, I stand guilty of that charge, and thus will go ahead and do this.

Also, I want any potential critic of this to note my site does not have a pay pal function, so I don’t take donations. I also have not stated, or intimated that ‘babies will die” or ‘the world will come to an end’ if you do not ‘support’ this ‘ministry’. I have a successful career as a psychotherapist and self fund all of my pro life endeavors, as well as this site. If anyone feels the need to donate, there are several pro life organizations that are really hurting for funding, and at some point I will put that information on the site.

So, starting next Wednesday, and following through on a weekly basis on Wednesday, I will post about hermeneutics and address the purpose and methods of hermeneutics, starting with the Broad overview of the Bible, and end with specifics of Revelation. The goal will be to teach this methodology, so that you are able to apply rules of interpretation and come to conclusions that are consistent and accurate.

In the mean time, I went through the site and have listed some postings that utilized hermeneutics and it may be of some assistance to the reader. I do apologize for the archives section, and hope to upgrade this site to make it more user friendly.

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