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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


George Offerman

The times we are in are very critical, and there are many needs that need to be addressed. In the nation’s capital, we have the soon to be Kagan hearings, more legislation concerning the ‘immigration’ issues, as well as budgetary issues and the upcoming elections and subsequent changes the elections will bring. There is a need for Christians to step out in faith, and become active in these areas.

The Insurrecta Nex team in the Washington D.C. metro area can really use some help in these endeavors. As well, there is a great need for sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors at the local Abortuaries, with ample training opportunities available. If there are local readers who would be interested in any or many (or all) of these activities, you can contact me at this site and leave information. For those readers outside of the Washington, D.C. metro, please contact local pro life leaders, who can usually be found at the local mills, or also send your contact information here, and we will do our best in getting you relevant contact information for your area.

This is the time we need to be ever so vigilant and active in the areas of politics and legalized child killing. The window of opportunity may be open only a brief amount of time and without adequate numbers of Christians out in the battle field upholding the tenets of our faith, the battle may be over by the end of this year. We can see the storm clouds on the horizon and feel the stiff winds starting to blow. It is extremely important to become involved in this process, and to shed the mantle of indifference. Becoming more involved can only help, as it will build character and allow the Christian to have the strength for persecution that is on its way.

With greater numbers, more will get done and the impact to the secular world will be that much greater. Given how quickly matters are going downhill, it will take a Herculean effort to even neutralize the momentum which is going against our cause at this time. Going out and doing some of these tasks are rather simple at this time, and will not really require much risk. To wait and have Christian beliefs outlawed and targeted by law enforcement will place a great risk on those who want to partake in practicing their faith. If one is not willing to stand up during the fair weather, what will happen when the storms hit?

As mentioned before, the consequences of our actions over the past 37 + years are certain, it is the intensity and duration that is still undetermined, and it is those factors we still have some influence over. It really does get down to whether we as Christians are all talk, or if we really mean what we say, and defend the ‘line in the sand’. Like the call to discipleship, many will be called and few are chosen, and will heed the call. Who is willing to stand up and say “Here I am Lord”. Work on that courage muscle while there is still time. Be one of the few brave men and women that will stand up for the Lord and Biblical principles.

Just remember, in the end we win. It doesn’t matter how bad the wind blows, how much thunder and lightening there is or how much rain falls. The storm will pass, and those who stand in the strength of the Lord will remain standing. On this you can count on. Be brave, for this too shall pass.

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