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Friday, June 25, 2010


George Offerman

What amazing times we live in. A judge who actually has some integrity, and overturns the Obama ban on off shore drilling, has now been exposed to death threats. Although not officially linked to this event, I am sure the powers that be are looking to pin this on the tea party people. We already know that (according to the anointed one) the tea party people are to blame for the growing ‘anger’ in what’s left of this country. We have been force fed the idea that the tea party people are capable of anything, including violence and murder (of which there is not ONE recorded instance of). Tea party people are a bunch of ‘fly over country hicks’ who are too stupid to know anything (yet these same people give the tea partiers vast knowledge and conspiratorial powers) and of course only know how to solve problems through bar room brawls.

What the incompetent ignoramus who currently occupies the White House does not seem to get it is he is the one who is the fool, and he is playing a game in which he cannot win, nor can he really call the shots. When one considers even somewhat objectively the facts and actions of the government since the onset of this oil spill, it is painfully obvious that there is a much larger agenda on the table than ending this spill. Not only has Obama done virtually nothing in this crisis, he has actually run resistance against those who have attempted to do something about this crisis and attempts to end this have been curbed. This is a man made event with evil intentions behind it.

The tea party people represent an ‘awakening’ of many in this country who have up to recently been ‘asleep at the wheel’. This most likely, was a very unexpected and unfortunate turn of events for the dark powers, and poses the greatest threats to their plans of becoming the masters of the universe. The greatest threat to the dark powers (other than the second amendment) are large numbers of informed people, who have a vision and the gumption to run these @$$h---- out of town. So, the powers that be, through their ownership of the complicit MSM and puppets in the government are on the offensive and trash this group unceasingly and unmercifully.

The dark powers work through their ‘useful idiots” the greenie weenies and attempt to scare the majority into believing garbage that has no possibility of ever coming true, such as the supposed global warming garbage, the ‘overpopulation’ problem, that is the genesis of legalized child killing, and all of the other garbage that is associated with the hellish gospel of scarcity. (The Living God is the God of ABUNDANCE and always overflows a cup when asked by his followers). It is most likely the greenie weenies that threatened this judge, just like it was the greenie weenies that torched the 3 ‘evil’ bankers in Greece several weeks ago and got away with it. No one has condemned these groups for their very violent actions, yet the spotlight is constantly on the tea party people and demonizing them despite the fact they have done NOTHING to harm their fellow man or the environment.

The tea party people actually represent what is good and healthy for this country. By virtue of the attacks levied against them, the tea party is actually affirmed as being a movement that truly deserves our support. There is much truth to the statement “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The good thing about the dark powers is that they make it easy to see which side to join, and are very consistent in their demonization of the groups that pursue the truth.

We are in the race for our lives, and it is imperative we win this race. The structure of Babylon is nearly complete, but invisible, because its ‘hour of time’ has not yet come and there still may be a chance to put enough damage into it that it cannot emerge from the ‘sea’. The opportunities to damage this monster are shrinking, but there is still a window of opportunity, that played right, could produce very rich dividends. The tea party people give some hope to this, and we cannot allow the demons to demonize them.

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