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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


George Offerman

It looks as if the Tea party has made a difference in the primaries, and is scaring much of the political world, especially the GOP. There was a lot of ‘buzz’ on the radio this morning about the nature of the candidates, and how the democratic establishment is looking forward to running against these’ conservative right wingers’ and the republican establishment is already using the terms ‘spoiler’ and bating those with comments like a ‘vote for them is a vote for the democrats’. Neither of the two established parties seems to get it and continue on their merry way with their status quo thinking.

What makes the tea party movement so incredible is the fact that a large group of people have all seen major problems, have accurately identified these problems, and seem to understand what it is going to take to solve these problems. They have peacefully met, and have managed to stick to their message, and find those willing to go through the public crucible of the election process to take this message to the Capitol. It is very obvious that the established parties are seeing this as a major threat, and are doing what they can to discourage those in the tea party, or abscond with the movement.

What seems to escape those in the establishment parties is the fact that their policies are ruining this country, and that the average individual, who is paying attention and somewhat active in the matters at hand, understands at an innate level that the lies being constantly fed to the populace is ultimately going to kill this nation, if not the individual himself. It is very obvious that the government makes laws that they themselves have no intention of following, and do not see this as a problem. Those who have any understanding of the ‘golden rule’ are very fed up with this process, and rightfully want to put an end to it.

The pro life people have a great deal to learn from the tea party people. The tea party people have shaken up the status quo, and have stayed on point with their message and goals, and have attracted many into their cause. The establishment, especially the GOP feels threatened, while simultaneously attempting to pull this influential group into their tent. The pro life movement threatens no one, and neither party goes far out of their way to placate, or to even concern themselves over endorsements, or allowing the pro lifers much of a platform in the workings of the party and selection of candidates.

There is little to no fear that even the GOP has of the pro life movement, and this is evident in the fact that the GOP is continually moving more towards the pro death camp and death culture. The GOP is acting like Democrat lite, and seems to have little concern or regard to the life issue. And the more the GOP acts like the Democrats, the more out of touch they become with the average American, and pull away more from the ideals of the Founders. It is high time that those who want to see an ending to legalized child killing, to break away from the GOP and do what the tea party people are doing.

It is not a difficult matter, but will require that the multiple factions in the pro life movement actually work together, and it needs to start out by having a unified definition of pro life and action plan. The pro life movement also needs the church behind it, and supporting those who are willing to be on the front lines and taking the bullets. If some of these formative ideas take root, then the pro life movement will garner a lot of the respect and fear of candidates that it once had some 15-20 years ago. We really need to be in this battle. If the culture of death is not turned back, then good health care, retirement, lower taxes and freedom will not mean much, when it is blood that pays the bills.

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